So, the big economic news last week was the “inverted yield curve.” This is when rates on long-term US treasury investments are lower than the short-term ones. Normally, the rates are higher for the longer-term. When it’s inverted, it usually means that investors are pessimistic about the ec…

     From seemingly trivial issues like hate speech to larger issues including denied equal rights to work, minorities around the world have constantly been facing threats regarding their basic rights, and 2019 seems no different. Here is an analysis on the crisis of human rights infringemen… Read more

There is a big difference in how to handle selling a house during a divorce depending on the status of the divorce. If a couple is separating temporarily or in the early stages of a divorce and no divorce court order has been issued, then everything is pretty much negotiable between the two … Read more

First, there were smartphones, but now we are seeing more smartHOMES. Here are some popular devices that can make your life easier and maybe even save you some money. Read more

I’m seeing more and more “smart” products in homes. You can run your thermostat, lighting control systems, and audio/visual systems from your mobile phone. There are refrigerators that can order milk for you when you are low. And security systems that can notify you when doors/windows are op… Read more

There are many ways to hold title to real estate. Two of the more common are “Joint Tenants” and “Tenants in Common.” (By the way, ignore the fact that “tenant” usually means a renter as that doesn’t apply in this case.) Read more

Based on the boilerplate wording in our standard real estate contracts, “fixtures” stay with the property when it sells but the seller gets to take all of their personal property. A “fixture” is something attached to the property and intended to be a fixture. So, your HVAC system is obviousl… Read more

Besides the front view of the house, the next most important area to focus on when trying to sell your home is the kitchen. Remodeling can be quite expensive, but here are some tips that are more cost-effective. Read more

It’s common knowledge the California has a housing affordability issue that is just getting worse. As home prices have rebounded the last few years, rents have also risen dramatically. For most people, these increases have been greater than their increases in income, which is putting a serio… Read more

MORTGAGE – If you have a loan(s) on the property, the title company will ask your lender(s) for payoff figures for your loan through the day of closing (plus a couple of days after to allow for processing time). If your payment comes due in between the time they ask for that statement and th… Read more

Sometimes a “no closing costs” loan can be more expensive in the long-run. Every loan has closing costs and the lender only controls some of those costs like their own underwriting, processing fee, etc. There are other costs that the lender has very little control over, like the appraisal, t… Read more

The other day one of my clients asked about the “senior discounts on property tax” that she had heard about. I asked if she meant Prop 60 or 90 where you can do a one-time transfer of your assessed value if you downsize in home price but that’s not what she meant. I hadn’t heard of any other… Read more

A real estate agent owes a different duty of care to different parties in the transaction. Put broadly, there are two main levels of care – a fiduciary duty and a duty of honest dealings. Fiduciary care is the highest legal level of care and honest dealings would be a step below that. Read more

Some people think that one way to easily pass real estate to their descendants is to add them to the title before they pass away. On the one hand, this can make for an easy transition of ownership because of the right of survivorship. However, most financial experts strongly recommend AGAINS… Read more

Most real estate contracts come with several contingencies (inspection, loan, appraisal, etc.) which give the buyer the right to cancel the contract.  There will be a certain number of days the buyer has to remove those contingencies. But what happens when the deadline passes? Is the buyer d… Read more

If you are thinking of selling an investment property and you’ve heard that you can delay paying income tax on the gains by buying another investment property, this article is for you. This is called a 1031 exchange. In years past, you could only sell and then buy “similar” properties. For e… Read more

Vacations can be expensive and travel with an RV is considered as affordable and is becoming more popular. With the increase in fuel costs, the affordability is carefully being removed even more. In order to decrease the expenditure, there are tips you can follow to save on fuel costs. Read more

The most common solution in a divorce is to sell the house and split the profits. It’s common to split the profits 50/50, but that can change due to a myriad of reasons like a pre-nuptial agreement, one party wants to keep their retirement account in place, etc. Read more

Some buyers pay cash for their homes. It doesn’t happen in our area as much as the Silicon Valley, but it still happens enough to talk about it. Some buyers pay cash and never intend to get a loan on the property. But other buyers pay cash just for negotiating purposes, and then they’ll take… Read more

Zillow is the most popular real estate site. Their most famous (or infamous) feature is their “Zestimate” of a home’s value. Their computer looks at the public records information about a house and then make adjustments based on recent solds. It’s just a ballpark figure, but some buyers and … Read more

Heritage Baptist Academy is looking forward to starting a new school year. We get what feels like an extra long summer because we start the Wednesday before Labor Day each year. School starts September 2, 2015. Time to enjoy the last 38 days of summer before the school year starts! Read more

Seed of Faith Christian Fellowship church is having Vacation Bible School the week of August 3rd thru 7th, 2015. The theme this year is Camp Discovery - Jesus at Work through Us. All are welcome. Classes and activities focus on age groups beginning with nursery to Adult. The evening begins w… Read more

Just this past week the National Association of Realtors announced that resale home sales are way up, as are prices. And there was much rejoicing! Well, the buyers weren’t rejoicing, but homeowners were rejoicing! Especially the ones that need to sell their homes. The rest of the homeowners … Read more

California is still suffering from a major drought and people are really starting to take it seriously. Last summer I saw a few brown lawns, but most people weren’t quite ready to let theirs die. Now it seems like there are more brown lawns than green ones! Last year my advice to homeowners … Read more

I’ve had some people tell me they’d like to move, but they think they have to wait for their two year anniversary before they can sell to avoid paying capital gains tax on the sale of their principal residence. Read more

It seems like we’ve been talking about Greece defaulting for a LONG time. Things are coming to a head again quickly and there are renewed concerns that this could be the start of another worldwide economic implosion. People are asking if a Greek default is our new “Lehman moment,” harkening … Read more

Using the same agent to represent both buyer and seller is 100% legal, as long as all parties are made aware and agree to this BEFORE signing a contract. While it is legal, that doesn’t mean that it will always be in your best interest. Read more

In the past, all real estate agents worked for the benefit of the Seller. This was called “sub-agency.” If you told your agent, “Let’s offer $450,000, but we’ll go $460,000 if we have to,” that agent had a LEGAL duty to tell the Seller that you would go $460,000. Luckily, sub-agency was done… Read more

In our area, it used to be customary to have the Seller pay for a termite inspection of the property. Recently our standard contract changed to where it doesn’t mention this report, so the Buyer either pays it, or has to amend to their offer asking the Seller to pay for it. This small change… Read more