Train collides with big rig in Orwood

A semi-truck driver suffered minor injuries when the vehicle he was driving in collided with an Amtrak train on May 4.

Only one injury was reported after an Amtrak train collided with a truck in Orwood, Tuesday morning, May 4.

“An Amtrak train travelling westbound collided with a semi truck that was parked for a stop on the tracks,” said Capt. Ryan Pesonen of the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District. There was one minor injury to the truck driver.”

The truck’s heavily damaged cab could be seen entangled with the engine at the front of the train.

According to Pesonen, there were no ambulances available in all of Contra Costa County to respond to the incident on the 4600 block of Orwood Road. An American Medical Response supervisor was dispatched to the scene, as was a medical helicopter. The helicopter was canceled after first responders determined the minor nature of the truck driver’s injuries.

Contra Costa County Hazardous Materials Incident Response Team and a team from U.S. Fish and Wildlife responded to the incident due to gas and oil leaking into the waterway adjacent to the accident scene.

BNSF Railway investigators were also dispatched to the incident.

“We would be part of the investigation because it was a private crossing there,” said Lena Kent, a spokesperson for BNSF Railway.

There were no reports of injuries to anyone on the train, Kent added.

Amtrak officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

There have been at least two other collisions involving Amtrak trains and vehicles in this area in recent years.

In October 2011, 35 Amtrak train passengers were injured when the train collided with a big rig in Orwood. In August 2015, an Amtrak train hit a truck at a railroad crossing in Orwood. The truck driver suffered serious injuries when he was ejected from the vehicle. A second person was critically injured when the truck flew into the water and landed on an individual relaxing in a raft on the water.