Details for Parents Connected: FAFSA/CADAA Financial Aid Application Workshop

What will we cover during the workshop?

Many parents and students have questions about filling out their financial aid applications. This workshop is to help you complete your application before the MARCH 2nd DEADLINE! To make sure you can complete your application during our event, please have the following information readily available.

What do you need for the workshop?

Your parents and your FSA ID (For FAFSA filers ONLY) or Dream Act Account (For CADAA filers)

For FAFSA filers ONLY: If you have not yet created your FSAID, please create one here before the workshop: (Please note, if your parents are undocumented, they DO NOT need to create a FSAID)

Driver’s License, if you have one

Social Security Card, if you have one

Alien Registration Card, if you have one

List of colleges you are interested in (including your safety/backup colleges) to list on the applications

Parent/Student 2019 tax information (1040’s and W2’s)

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