When we are sick we go to a doctor – if it’s something a little more serious or specific, we are referred to a specialist who can talk to us about our heart or our skin or even our feet.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find out how a loved one is doing while either in assisted living, in the hospital or in a nursing home. 

Just when I thought I had heard them all, the phone rings, and yet another scammer thinks this ‘defenseless little old lady’ will scurry to her wallet and throw money at a perfect stranger just because he asks.

The year was 2007 – Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman played two terminally ill gentlemen who meet while receiving chemotherapy in a hospital.

This month marks the 76th anniversary of the Dec. 7, 1941, bombing of Pearl Harbor – a day that, as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, would “live in infamy.” 

Sitting down at the computer and writing my articles each week is more of a joy than a job for me, and having the keyboard in front of me presents time to pause, think, ponder and decide what words to use.

It’s been about 10 years since I went to a zoo, which was in San Diego, and it was delightful.

In January 1960, my family moved from our small, but ample, one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn to a spacious, 1,485-square-foot brand new home on Long Island.

In 1971, an artist named Melanie wrote and released a song called “Brand New Key.”

The biggest joy of writing my articles each week was watching my mom’s reaction to each piece.


  • Marla Luckhardt is a Brentwood resident who works with several local senior care and advocacy groups. Visit her website www.marlasreferrals.com or email her at marla2054@aol.com.