There are boxes in the Florida room, boxes in the garage and boxes stacked near the door that were supposed to have been donated by now but haven’t.

I wonder how many kids my age got their first hands-on history thrill the way I did: finding a real-life arrowhead. I was 10, and for years I’d been finding pointy rocks that were easy to imagine lashed to the tip of a deadly projectile fired by a powerful, silent warrior closing in on his h…

The fact that most really old stuff is behind glass is probably a good thing, at least when I’m around. I have a compulsion to put my hands on things - the older it is, the more history it has, the better.

Like a lot of kids, one of the first jokes I heard was “What’s the tallest building in town?” The answer, of course, was “The library, because it has the most stories.” Now, as the Friends of the Brentwood Library prepare to celebrate its 100th birthday, it’s looking for a few more.

If you’d asked me in 1972 what the best thing about history was, I’d have told you it was Mr. Fenneger’s class. It wasn’t because he was a great teacher. It was because he was essentially clueless. His was my last class, and it was easy to slip out after roll was called and go home. Which I …


  • Marla Luckhardt is a Brentwood resident who works with several local senior care and advocacy groups. Reach her at