As I write my article each week, I try to be upbeat and stay positive during the strangest and most challenging 10 months of our lives. Complaining and sniveling is certainly understandable but for me, unproductive, so again, I try to find some humor in all of this sheltering-in-place.

With everyone and everything affected by what's happening here and around the world some of the basics are put on indefinite hold and yet it still boggles my mind why I can’t watch some of my favorite shows. Not only have they adhered to the COVID protocols, but then they go on break from Christmas until after New Years and beyond - some even into the first week of February. Don’t they know we are tired of reruns of everything from Law and Order to those NCIS shows from every location? Who do they think they are? Congress? Ok, no politics, but seriously why do we have to wait to find out what happens to Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy while she lies helplessly in bed? What will become of the team from SWAT as I worry endlessly about Jason and his bad leg. Will he still be in charge or will they put him behind a desk? How many Netflix shows can I scroll passed because they are either dubbed or with a cast that nobody has ever heard of. These are the times that truly try men’s and women’s souls, I say! Grandpa, give up the dueling remotes!

The only exception for me are the Jeopardy reruns but they end this week. My mom and I watched that show together on the phone and joked about how she always got final Jeopardy while I was excited to nail the $100 questions in the simple categories like movies and music from the sixties. I am extremely sad about the passing of Alex Trebek but grateful for those memories with her.

And how about those green bananas? Grandpa and I choose to stay inside again and order groceries for either curbside pick up or delivery. What is so hard to comprehend about only green bananas and hard avocados? The absolute nerve of some people not to get those two items right on my order. And don’t even get me started on muffins! Buy one get one free but we only want the chocolate and I can’t tell you how many times they give us one chocolate and one blueberry. It’s enough to put us right over the edge, I say! I am not sure what irks you these days but I find the total loss of control over these major things in my life mind boggling. Thank goodness Grandpa and I have enough toilet paper to last through the winter but each morning I rush to the pantry and count soup cans. What’s next?

Some upbeat news is I have become extremely efficient in laundry. I have this down to a science and I hate to brag, but my clothes not only smell quite fresh, my sweats are ironed and starched. Ok, I lied about the last part but we do have the cleanest clothes on the block. My folding has improved greatly and even Grandpa is impressed with the lack of shrinkage these days. It has become quite an art.

Another accomplishment while being at home for the last 187 days, approximately, is my ability to find dust. That stuff is everywhere and I can spot the smallest particle from 12 feet. With lightening speed, I jump up from my couch perch and dash for the Windex and rag like a ninja, maneuvering a spray, swipe and wipe in a flash. Take that you little mites of whatever you are lurking on my glass table. There are days I walk around the house searching for things to clean but those are few and far between on any larger scale than a table or counter top. It can be exhausting so it’s back on my perch for the most part!

As I write this tongue-in-cheek piece, I am enormously grateful for what I experience every day. I pray for those that are sick and for all the people that go to work everyday so that I can survive. I look forward to the future with hope and the ability to pick out my own bananas. Until then, I am truly thankful for the delivery of them no matter what color they are and I promise to let you know how Meredith and Jason are when I find out in February. Stay safe and well, keep your sense of humor and I know I for one will come out on the other side of this with a whole new prospective of gratitude for things that I used to take for granted. Peace.