Thank God fall is here. With all the current chaos shaking us to our core, it helps to have something you can still cling to for comfort – besides pie. I think everyone’s favorite season is fall, but I get going on the decorating early. Some might say too early. I had all my boxes of faux fall foliage and orange mini lights out of our storage shed on September 1. OK, I admit it, I was sweating. I think it was 97 degrees, but the smell of cinnamon pinecones came wafting out of the boxes and kept me focused on the job at hand.

I even switch out my artwork on the walls with seasonally appropriate pictures. Good-bye tulips and summer beachscapes. Hello autumn trees and pumpkins. I discovered a great website called Don’t ask me how they do it, but you can literally order 10 4x6 prints of ANYTHING for just a small shipping fee. I went crazy. I have placed three orders already. I have created collages for every season with beautiful pictures of birds, reindeer, mugs of hot chocolate, sunflowers, snow covered trees. You name it and you can find a professional print of it! But now I have a problem. I don’t have enough wall space to display all of my new collages! I need a bigger house with a lot more walls. Some people might say, no, your problem is you need to stop buying stuff…(Maury).

My favorite fall decorating project is my front door. I staple orange leaves and lights all around it with a golden wreath in the center. Hay bales, pumpkins and a wooden basket lay on its side with gourds and squash spilling out of it off to one corner. Sadly, last year I was so premature with my fall decorating that my two large, beautiful pumpkins rotted and collapsed before the middle of October. It was a huge mess. I had a hard time finding two pumpkins to replace them. I almost had to go faux! This year I waited until October to make my pumpkin purchase. I am not sure whom I am decorating for really. I know there may not be any trick-or-treaters this year, but to be honest, last year, pre-COVID, I only had one!


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