Consignment Envy

Photo by Heather Brewer. Debbie Read-Klug, who owns Consignment Envy with her husband, Irv, offers a wide selection of unique, affordable furniture and home décor for every taste and style.

While finding the perfect home can be an arduous task, perfectly furnishing it can be even more daunting.

Whether you are looking for art, chairs, pillows or any other piece of home décor, Brentwood’s Consignment Envy has everything you need to furnish your home, no matter what your tastes may be. Opened just last month by a real-estate professional with experience in interior design and home staging, the store boasts a wide array of unique, affordable home décor.

“As a real estate agent, I staged homes often, which I loved,” said Debbie Read-Klug, who owns the store with her husband, Irv. “However, I was staging these homes from scratch, and I would have all the furniture left when they were unstaged.”

In order to make room for new pieces for other homes, Read-Klug, who has lived in the area for more than 30 years, became a vendor.

“I first became a home consignment vendor in Modesto, but my heart has always been in Brentwood,” she said. “I’ve loved watching the town grow into what it is today, and I wanted to give it something new. I love consignment stores and the variety they give people.”

Twice before opening, Read-Klug ran fliers, looking for consigners for her new store. The response was more than she could have hoped for.

“After I ran the first flier in November, I received 52 calls in two days,” she said. “We missed our original opening date in January, but when I ran the flier again, I got the same response.”

So far, the public is still just as excited about the store as they were then.

“(I) went in to look around, and walked out with a … lamp for a crazy low price,” said Darla Cavallaro, in an online review. “The store is very nicely put together, and there is so much to see. You end up walking around and around, because you keep seeing something different. Debbie was very helpful. We fell in love with a sofa that is just too big for my space, but Debbie promised to keep an eye out in case something else pops up. We will certainly be back soon.”

With inventory constantly changing to keep with trends and a close-to-home location for all of East County, Read-Klug is doing everything she can to provide everyone with a little – or a lot of – something for their homes.

“The store really follows our motto that it’s a great place to be stranded,” she said.

In addition to high-quality furniture and home décor at a great price, Read-Klug also offers pickup and delivery; custom painters who can help customers refinish, paint or stain their pieces; home staging for real estate agents; and interior-design service.

Consignment Envy is located at 8900 Brentwood Blvd. For more information, call 925-234-8896 or visit