First-time Brentwood author releases children’s book

Brentwood resident and first-time author Jeanne Doob has released her children’s book, "Henry the Canada Goose."

Jeanne Doob did not set out to be an author, but she ended up becoming one anyway.

The Brentwood resident released her first book in March — a children’s story called “Henry the Canada Goose” — a heartwarming tale of a goose who befriends a penguin and his family.

After Henry is late for his southern migration, he ends up flying too far south to Antarctica, where he meets the penguin, Del, and his family. Later, when Henry tells his own family about his adventure, his and Del’s families also become friends, and visit each other at their respective homes.

Doob’s educational background is in industrial psychology, but she always enjoyed her English classes.

“I have always loved to write,” Doob said. “One day I was driving and the story just came to me. I got home and started writing it out.”

She showed the story — originally written on legal pads in fall 2017 — to her brother, John Reinhardt, a self-employed book designer who lives in Florida.

“I thought it was a wonderful story right away,” Reinhardt said. “With children’s books, the most important part, to me, is the illustrations. She already had in her head what she thought it should look like, which helped a lot.”

The most important part to Doob was getting her characters, Henry the goose and Del the penguin, to look the way she envisioned. Reinhardt advised Doob to browse illustrations in other children’s books, and Doob found a style she liked. After finding an illustrator who would meet her needs, Reinhardt helped bring her story to life.

Reinhardt, who has designed more than 3,000 books in his 44-year career, said it was a fun change of pace and an “absolute joy” to work with his sister.

“He was such an enthusiastic supporter,” she said. “He was almost more excited than I was.”

Doob said she has received positive feedback from people who have read “Henry the Canada Goose.” One of the best parts for her has been sharing it with her family and her friends who have children and grandchildren.

Now that Doob has “Henry the Canada Goose” under her belt, she said she has the itch to write more.

“I already have some ideas,” she said with a smile.

Doob’s book can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Slatten Ranch in Antioch and on Amazon at