For many people, food is a tradition and a labor of love – from deciding on a dish, to gathering the ingredients, to preparing the meal.

For Dawn Bass and Tony Loinab, this philosophy has been an active practice since opening their Antioch restaurant, Plates Eclectic Cuisine, in August. With dishes ranging from sliders to chicken tikka masala, every selection is a meal they personally love. 

“I had my first job in the industry when I was 14, and I have been involved in it ever since,” said Bass, who lives in Brentwood. “I’ve done it all – waiting tables, decorating cakes, planning events – and through it all, I always knew I wanted to own a restaurant named Plates.”

Like its name, the eatery offers an eclectic and varied menu, representing cultures and specialties from around the world.

“I really like to entertain, and this place is like having company,” said Bass. “I chose the dishes based off all the things I like, so it’s very versatile. We really do have something for everyone.”

With crab cakes, lettuce wraps, several kinds of salads, banh mi, kabobs, sandwiches, burgers, steak, pasta and curry, there isn’t much a patron could wish for that wouldn’t be granted by the menu at this dining spot on the water. They even make their own sauces, dressings and desserts in house. Making it even more appealing, Bass plans on rotating menu items after an upcoming trip to Italy.

“I will be taking some cooking classes while I’m in Italy, learning some different techniques,” said Bass. “I will definitely be bringing back some authentic methods for making gnocchi.”

With all the passion and experience put into the food at Plates, many people became quick fans.

“Our customers have been so awesome, and we already have regulars,” said Bass. “We give a journal at checkout, and we get so many wonderful comments written in it. Those comments really keep us going.”

The restaurant is also getting rave reviews from those trying the place for the first time.

“Plates is a great place, with the best food,” said Steven R Burnett Sr., in an online, five-star review. “If anyone is looking for really great food and entertainment, where employees are very friendly, I highly recommended it for great food and entertainment.”

Offering lots to do on the entertainment front, Bass and Loinab provide games like Jenga, dominoes, cards, Yahtzee and dice for those who want to enjoy a fun night out along with their dinners. Customers can also bring in their own games.

“We’re a great place to visit before or after a trip to the (El Campanil Theater),” said Bass. “We want to make sure we’re a fun place for people to hang out and enjoy themselves, while also getting great food.”

In addition to delicious meals in a beautiful setting, Plates also offers banquet rooms and full-service catering for private, in-home or location parties and office luncheons. A one-stop shop for catering service, they offer private consultations, linens, china, cake and any number of off-menu cuisines and dishes.

Plates Eclectic Cuisine is locates at 422 W. 2nd St., in Antioch.

For more information, call 925-757-8099 or visit