Liberty High School senior launches cosmetics company

Photo courtesy of Melissa Christine photography

Makena Quesada, a Liberty High School senior, has launched her own cosmetics company.

Makena Quesada, a Liberty High School senior, has taken advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic by starting her own small business, Kikiz Cosmeticz.

Quesada makes the products herself and also packages them.

She sells lip gloss, soaps, organic loofahs, among other beauty and body care products.

Kikiz Cosmeticz has been steadily growing in popularity since its start.

Quesada has received an incredible response from her Tiktok account, where she posts Kikiz’ products and packaging videos.

“At first it was a side little job, but then I really wanted to create a platform of girls supporting girls’ and women’s empowerment and that was really why I started,” Quesada said. “I started selling on Etsy and I didn’t start getting sales until I blew up on Tiktok and I got 6.7 million page views on one of my videos so that really started it for me.”

Quesada not only uses social media platforms for marketing, but also as a way for her to interact with customers and support other small businesses.

“I wanna promote inclusivity and girls supporting girls, LGBTQ and all of that,” Quesada said.

Quesada has been supported by her family and returning customers as her business has grown. Many are impressed with her work, especially since she began Kikiz Cosmeticz during the pandemic.

“I’ve never seen her work so hard,” said Gina Quesada, Makena’s mother. “Everything I worry about when she’s interacting with customers and such, she’s already done and accomplished.”

Kikiz Cosmeticz has also gained a loyal customer base during its short time. Buyers are especially excited by products like Quesada’s “Pink Drink” lip gloss.

“Every time she released a product, I would buy one or two things to support her but now she’s taken off and is doing so well,” said Ginger Rose, a returning customer at Kikiz Cosmeticz and family friend.

The young business owner has also recognized the importance of keeping her products clean during this time.

“When she packages all her products, she cleans everything down with antiseptic and she makes everything super clean,” Rose said.

Quesada is hoping to expand her business in the coming months, with goals of setting up pop-up shops at the farmers market and selling more skin care related products.

She will be attending a community college in the fall to pursue a business degree.

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