Little beauty queen collects pet food donations

Photo courtesy of Brenna Hammer

Seven-year-old Arianna Hammer is Miss Agriculture America Northern California, and she is using her title to help animals.

Mini pageant queen Arianna Hammer is using her platform as Miss Agriculture America Northern California to help her four-legged friends.

The 7-year-old won this title — her latest in a series of titles — earlier this year, and as part of her responsibilities, Arianna is working on three separate volunteer services. Her first project was passing out seed packets at the Brentwood Classic 4th of July Parade two months ago. Her second was speaking to her second-grade class at Brentwood Elementary about the importance of agriculture. Through Lowes, her sponsor, Arianna’s classmates each received one plant.

“That was important to her,” Arianna’s mother, Brenna Hammer said. “She wants everyone to have a garden, because she has one and she loves it.”

Arianna’s third project is collecting pet food to donate to three local animal shelters: Kitty 911 Rescue, First Responders Dog Rescue and Antioch Animal Services. She said she’s drawn to animals because she believes all creatures should be treated fairly.

“The golden rule is that everybody in the whole wide world treats others how they want to be treated,” Arianna said. “If you treat people how you want to be treated, then other people will get treated the same way, and it would be fair, and the whole world would be fair.”

Arianna has worked with Tractor Supply of Brentwood to organize a pet food drive for her chosen shelters. Donors can drop off wet or dry dog or cat food and new or gently used blankets from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 12, at Tractor Supply, 8800 Brentwood Boulevard in Brentwood.

Arianna has been participating in pageants since the age of 4, when she saw one on TV and asked her parents if she could go on stage. She said her favorite part of entering pageants is standing in front of the judges and a large crowd, speaking about her different charity platforms.

“This is what a title is about,” said Brenna. “It’s about more than you; it’s about helping everybody you can. These shelters are run on 100% donations. A lot of times, they don’t have the extra funds to give foster families dog or cat food, so if we can help, we want to.”

Arianna is also committed to educating the public about agriculture. As part of her local 4-H club, she raises pygmy goats, and it was this connection that drew her to the Miss Agriculture America Northern California title. Brenna said that watching her daughter work to achieve titles has been both fun and fulfilling.

“I get to see her do what makes her happy, and that’s huge,” said Brenna. “It’s also showing her that whatever she puts her mind to, she gets it done. That’s so empowering for me as a mom, to see her do this so young ... She is learning that she can tackle whatever she wants to.”

As for Arianna, she said the pageants have taught her that the title is all about the journey.

“Winning is not always the best,” she explained. “Just the experience is meant to be fun.”

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