Wheel Peddler

Photo courtesy of Jim McFarland

For riders who dread the hassle of dropping into a repair shop, Wheel Peddler’s mobile full-service bicycle shop is standing by to assist customers with repairs in their own homes.

A full-time bike mechanic for 16 years and owner and operator of the Wheel Peddler for the past 12 years, Jim McFarland has had a lot of experience with repairs.

“I work on many things for lots of different people,” said McFarland. “There’s so much variety in what I do – I work on bicycles, trikes, electric bikes … I even worked on a wheelbarrow one time.”

McFarland started Wheel Peddler after years in the repair industry and decided that mobile would be a good place to begin. Through his solo-operated mobile service, McFarland drives to his clients’ homes, offices and places of work to assist them in whatever service they need.

“I thought mobile would be fun, so I decided to do that for a while,” explained McFarland. “It was supposed to be temporary, but then it just took off.”

McFarland has also kept himself busy by taking his mobile business to events throughout East County. Most recently, the Wheel Peddler was stationed at the Delta Peddlers Family Fun Ride at Veterans Park in Brentwood. McFarland offered his services at the event to assist with flat tires and other needed repairs.

Due to the mobility of his business, McFarland is able to work at events and tend to clients on a schedule that works for him and his customers.

“I enjoy the flexibility of this job, both for me and the customers, because everything is by appointment,” said McFarland. “The individual attention to each customer is a big thing with this business.”

Long-time customer of Wheel Peddler, Eric Faulkner is one of the many clients who has received the individual attention that McFarland puts into his business.

“He’s very trustworthy and hardworking, and his prices are more than fair – I actually can’t believe how low the prices are,” said Faulkner. “He’s a local person who not only wants to do the best job that he can, but he truly wants to make the customer happy. I just can’t speak more highly of his excellent service.”

Customers like Faulkner are what keep the Wheel Peddler in steady business, as the majority of clientele stems from word of mouth.

“Most of my business is via word of mouth, and I like that, because everyone knows each other, so it makes it more friendly,” said McFarland. “I have great customers. They’re always smiling, and they love to ride bikes, so they’re always out and feeling good.”

If not for the high quality of service and friendly client-to-business environment, customers are also kept happy by McFarland’s dog Buddy, who accompanies him on his work visits.

“Buddy is my pal. He’s always with me, and the customers just love him,” said McFarland.

The Wheel Peddler’s services are via appointment only, and the mobile service runs Monday through Friday.

For more information, visit www.wheelpeddler.com or call at 925-783-4297.