Guy Rohlfs, Meet the Principal

Photo by Dawnmarie Fehr

Guy Rohlfs didn’t always plan to end up in the principal’s office.

An Antioch resident from birth, Rohlfs graduated from Antioch High School then went on to attend Los Medanos and UC Davis for his higher education. When his first job in the private sector failed to engage him, his wife suggested education.

“She saw something in me that suggested I might like education,” Rohfls remembered. “She was right. So I went back (to school) and got my credential, and everything flowed from there.”

Before coming to Brentwood Elementary (BE) 10 years ago, Rohlfs spent 14 years working in the Antioch Unified School District as a teacher, vice principal and principal. He said he loves each day he gets to spend among his students and staff.

“The thing about education administration that stands out to me is the relationships that I get to form,” Rohfls said. “I get to interact with students and parents and staff. I love going out to a first-grade lunch and being a rock star. I get to walk out and see 750 kids and make their day, and they make mine.”

During his tenure at BE, Rohfls and his staff have set and attained many goals, including increasing the physical safety of the campus and integrating annotation into the curriculum of all grade levels.

“We call annotation ‘reading with a pencil,’” Rohlfs explained. “We have really focused on that, and you can see it in our classrooms. To see that take fruition has been a big deal.”

When he isn’t on campus, Rohlfs enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He is an avid sports fan and loves to root for the Golden State Warriors, the San Francisco Giants and the Tennessee Titans.