New Playhouse gives kids thrills while parents chill

Photo courtesy of The Playhouse

The Playhouse in Brentwood is an all-in-one play area, toy store and party venue for kids up to age 5 that also offers parents a chance to socialize and unwind as well.

The Playhouse is a relatively new spot in Brentwood designed with both young children and their parents in mind. The space, located at 3901 Walnut Ave. in Brentwood, is an all-in-one play area, toy store and party venue for kids up to age 5 that also offers parents a chance to socialize and unwind as well.

“When I was a new mom with my daughter, I would often choose to stay home rather than deal with the anxiety of bringing my baby to the places I used to enjoy,” explained founder Mariah Boveé. “Then one day, I discovered the magic of a local indoor play space, and the rest is history.”

After experiencing the feeling of community provided by a space where parents of young children can get together, Boveé made it her goal to travel to as many similar businesses in her area as she could before moving to Brentwood. Although the indoor play areas she visited inspired Boveé to make one of her own, she designed The Playhouse with as much emphasis on the parents’ experience.

“The places I was visiting were clearly designed for babies and young kids, but I wanted to design my space for adults too,” she said. “My space would have seating for adults, have calm, neutral colors, play relaxing music, have snacks and – the most important thing – coffee!”

While parents relax with a complimentary cup of coffee, kids have different activities to choose from in the play area filled with playhouses and toys to entertain children. Although The Playhouse is designed with those ages in mind, there are also activities available for slightly older children as well, according to Boveé.

The Playhouse also includes an on-site toy store full of toys and games designed to keep children entertained long after they finish their play session. A popular item from the toy store, according to Boveé, is the jars of Play-Doh she makes herself and sells nationwide online as part of a monthly subscription service.

Originally slated for May 2020, the opening of The Playhouse was delayed by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, Boveé began to make and sell the Play-Doh kits by setting up an online store as well as at local pop-ups and the Brentwood Farmers Market. Once “the time felt right” to Boveé, The Playhouse officially opened its doors in August 2021 and attracted the community as both a party venue and a place for open play sessions.

“The most rewarding part of the business is seeing the moment the parent walks into the play space and takes a sigh of relief,” Boveé said. “Seeing that moment of relaxation [from parents] while sipping a cup of free coffee. Parents that come here usually make friends as quickly as their children do. It’s really sweet to see two moms exchange numbers after attending a play session.”

More information on booking play sessions and party reservations, as well signing up for Play-Doh subscriptions and more, can be found at