Oakley-Opoly passes go, collects $200

Oakley-Opoly is available at Walmart.

Photo by Chris Campos

Did you ever want to buy Oakley’s downtown Civic Plaza?

Now you can, and it’s only $230. Find your way to a local Walmart, in Antioch in this case, and buy your own version of Oakley-Opoly.

For about $20, you can also buy Cypress Road, Summer Lake and a variety of other local landmarks.

“This is Oakley ... and it’s your roll!” as the promotion states on the game’s box. The game is produced by Late for the Sky Production Company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company works in cooperation with Walmart locations across the nation to produce some 200-and-counting games, customized for each local community. Also on the Antioch store’s shelves is Brentwood-Opoly.

Begun in 1984, the firm’s first game was Miami-Opoly, based on Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The company’s founder and president is a 1980 graduate of Miami University and her time spent there served as the inspiration for the first game. The title list soon spread to around 80 major U.S. colleges. The company says all the games are made in the USA and manufactured with “earth-friendly” materials.

Michale Schulte, the company’s market manager, said the firm’s collaboration with Walmart began three years ago and has been spreading to smaller communities, including Oakley and Brentwood, after producing games geared toward large cities, like New York, Atlanta and others.

“These games appeal to your hometown roots,” Schulte said.

The firm’s staff of eight researchers studies local information, history and landmarks, along with input from local Walmart managers, to put a unique spin on each game’s design. Other Bay Area communities covered by the games include Sacramento, Hayward, San Francisco, San Leandro, Pleasanton and Union City.

Oakley Councilmember Kevin Romick unveiled the new local game at a recent council meeting, urging local residents to check out the product.

The game’s cover asks, “How do you make a game about the great city of Oakley, California? While it’s impossible to include everything, we jammed all the Oakley we could into this box ... Choose your token and advance to GO OAKLEY! You may soon be the mayor ... or out of the game for eating too many crispy potato tacos from Taquiza Limon!”

“My kids and I have been playing Oakley-Opoly now for two weeks!” said Oakley mayor Claire Alaura. “It’s very cool to see the streets we drive on and landmarks we frequent in this game. It’s quite endearing!”

“It looks like they did a real good job capturing some key sites in Oakley,” city manager Bryan Montgomery added.

Although Julie Sipes of the Oakley Chamber of Commerce hadn’t been aware of the game craze, she said she planned to spread the word to local businesses.

An employee at the Antioch Walmart said the local Antioch-Opoly was selling briskly.

Walmart did not respond to a press query.