RPM Records

Photo by Jake Menez. Adia Douglas, who runs RPM Records in Brentwood, invites the public to stop by the store on April 22 to celebrate International Record Store Day.

For those who didn’t know, Record Store Day is Saturday, April 22, and Adia Douglas of RPM Records in Brentwood, is inviting the public to come on down and celebrate. 

“Bands will be playing in front of the store all day, kind of drifting in and out as part of the day,” said Adia, who runs the shop.

The event, which marks it’s 10th anniversary both nationally and internationally, is in short, a day for music enthusiasts who embrace the culture around vinyl records. 

While streaming, CDs and other formats have become the standard platform for releasing music, the long-play record has never fully gone out of style like VHS tapes and rotary phones. Over the years, many high profile artists have thrown themselves behind the cause to increase awareness by releasing strictly limited quantities of new content, expressly for Record Store Day.

The lineup this year features a wide variety of artists, ranging from Miley Cyrus and the Lumineers to David Bowie and the Beatles. Roughly 1,500 record stores in the U.S. will participate, including RPM Records.

Adia runs RPM Records almost entirely by herself. Since opening in October 2015, she’s been the main driving force behind the store, with occasional help from her family. Adia credits her father’s record collection as the inspiration behind the business venture, combined with the aesthetics of a record and the sight of one spinning on a turntable fascinating her from an early age.

When it came time to get a job, she decided she’d prefer to open her own shop in town, rather than work after school at a local retailer, since the nearest record stores were as far away as Concord and San Francisco. 

Starting off with a selection of roughly 1,000 records, the store has grown to hold an average of 4,000 albums at any given moment. CDs, 8-tracks, and even comic books can be found around the shop, but Adia plans on shifting the focus almost exclusively to used vinyl in the near future, based on the interests of her customers.

She attributes the appeal of Record Store Day to the rarity of the albums.

“An album might cost $20 in the store, but the second it goes out the door, its value shoots up to $80, because of the limited quantity,” Adia said. “Collectors are striving to get these albums before anyone else does.”

The other exciting part is the random nature of the hunt. There is a list of albums set to be released exclusively for Record Store Day, but participating shops don’t have any control over the variety or quantity of exclusives they receive.

The store will be open from noon to 8 p.m., on Record Store Day, and will receive an unspecified number of randomly selected exclusive releases.

RPM Records is located at 7720 Brentwood Blvd, Suite A, in Brentwood. For more information, visit www.recordstoreday.com or www.facebook.com/RPMRecordsBrentwood or call 925-206-6814.