Sutter Delta CEO Sherie Hickman

Photo courtesy of Sutter Delta

Sherie Hickman began her new role as CEO of Antioch’s Sutter Delta Hospital on Jan. 2.

Sherie Hickman took over as chief executive officer of Antioch’s Sutter Delta Medical Center on Jan. 2 and has spent the last several months embracing her new community.

Prior to working at Sutter Delta, she spent two years as an administrator at Novato Community Hospital, also within the Sutter Health hospital system. Her career in hospital administration spans more than 30 years.

“Based upon the things I’d been able to accomplish on behalf of Novato Community Hospital, I was asked if I would consider to come to Delta and was honored to do so,” Hickman said.

She estimates Sutter Delta is about three times larger than Novato Community Hospital and felt it was a natural upward transition for her.

“(Novato) was an amazing performer,” Hickman said. “We got it from really good to great with a great team that could just carry it on.”

Hickman’s CEO role at Sutter Delta is hands-on. She spends about 90% of her time interacting with patients, customers, physicians and staff, listening to feedback and discussing how to improve care, efficiency and service. The rest of the time she attends Sutter Health CEO and strategic committee meetings.

“I am very much here in Antioch at Sutter Delta the vast majority of the time,” she said.

Hickman said her favorite part of the job is the hands-on work and meeting face-to-face with patients, and she enjoys working with her team at Sutter Delta. The transition has been seamless, and she is excited to continue to work with the local community.

“I just look forward to being here a number of years to ensure Delta is considered the hospital for the East Contra Costa County,” Hickman said. “When I’m out and about in the community, I want people to say, ‘Hey, that’s my hospital. I need you guys to make sure you’re doing great things.’ I want them to continue to give us feedback about what we’re doing well or not well and tell us where they think we should be focusing on in terms of the future. In turn, this community has Sutter Health’s commitment to be here for them and to provide excellence.”