The Antioch Schools Education Foundation has chosen the winners of the Mary Allan Fellows Award.

Selecting the fellows was a rigorous and daunting process, and all nominees should consider it a great honor to have been nominated. The ASEF Board was impressed with the high caliber of these teachers who touch the lives of our students in Antioch each day. Congratulations to the following teachers:


Jose Cumagun and Bruce Ellison,

Deer Valley High; Marlein Jeans, Sutter Elementary; DarVisa Marshall, Antioch Middle, AUSD Teacher of the Year; Keil Olff, Deer Valley High


Erich Bartel, Park Middle; Ashley Garcia, Antioch Middle; Kathi Libbey, Live Oak High; Tim Mays, Antioch High

Rebecca Quinones, Antioch High


Shirley Bull, Turner Elementary; Mary Jane Grove, Jack London Elementary; Pat MacBeath, Mno Grant Elementary; Amelia Nevis, Deer Valley High

Raymond Ochoa, Park Middle l; Vicki O’Connor, Dozier-Libbey Medical High; Natillie Petersen, Park Middle; Julie Verhoek, Sutter Elementary

This year’s speaker is Samy D’Amico, a teacher, principal and vice principal in the AUSD for 17 years. D’Amico was born in Argentina and came to America as a second-grader after living in Peru. Since then, he has embraced his background and its cultural richness, keeping it at the forefront when interacting with students. Hearing his story will be a real treat.

Fellows, finalists and semifinalists will be guests of the Antioch Schools Education Foundation at the Mary Allan Fellows Award Dinner, Sept. 17, at Lone Tree Golf and Event Center from 5 to 7 p.m., with a no-host social hour from 4 to 5 p.m. All teachers are welcome to attend. Information regarding purchasing tickets for this event will be available at a later date.

Antioch Schools Education Foundation Board of Directors – Debra Harrington, Helen, Raoufian, Martha Goralka, Frank Zrinski, Robin Agopian, Mary Allan, Wanda Apel, Joy Motts, Debbie Walls, Velma Wilson and Janeen Zuniga.