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Sarah Ferguson has admitted to having Botox and facelifts.

The Duchess of York, who turns 60 next week, has opened up for the first time about the cosmetic surgery she has undergone to stay young and revealed she ditched invasive Botox for a 90-minute laser facelift, which boosts Collagen levels, because she didn't like the "frozen" look it gave her.

In a candid interview with Femail for the Daily Mail newspaper, Sarah spilled: "I had Botox a long time ago when there was nothing else available. I really don't like the frozen look. I'm so animated and I like to be myself.

"I don't like the thought of needles and am very glad if I look well and happy."

Sarah - who has daughters Princess Eugenie, 29, and Princess Beatrice, 31, with ex-husband Prince Andrew - revealed she has been a "guinea pig' for Harley Street cosmetic surgeon Dr Gabriela Mercik.

Some of the procedures she's had over the years include a thread lift and fillers.

The former is minimally invasive and uses specialized surgical threads to lift sagging skin.

The laser treatment is called the '6-Dimension Ultimate Laser Treatment facelift' and comes with a starting price of £3,750.

Dr. Mercik explained: "It (Botox) is passé now. Now we have different treatments we can use instead. Toxins are always toxins, so I've looked for alternatives."

Mesotherapy, which sees vitamin, amino-acids and antioxidants injected into the skin, is also a popular choice for the Duchess.

Sarah also admitted that whilst she was glowing with pride at her daughter Eugenie's wedding to Jack Brooksbank last year, she'd also had the laser treatment, which "helped" her looks so youthful and rejuvenated.

She said: "The happiness was shining out of me because my daughter was getting married. I was so glad. I love Jack. When I'm passionate about anything, my eyes shine.

"Above all, it was being joyful for Eugenie that made me look good. But I'd had some laser treatment on my face which helped, too."

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