How to save gas (without giving up driving)

Photo courtesy of Metro Creative

There are several obvious and not so obvious ways to save gas.

Gas prices have been historically high in 2022. According to the fuel price comparison website, as of June 2022, the least expensive state for regular gas was Georgia, at $4.43 a gallon. The most expensive was California at $6.34 per gallon. During June, which marks the beginning of the summer travel season in many areas, fuel costs in most parts of the United States averaged around $5 per gallon.

Even with the start of October, prices in California are still near $6 per gallon, at $5.88, according to AAA. That’s up 43 cents from a week ago, up 61 cents compared to a month ago, and $1.49 higher than a year ago.

With prices so high, many drivers have been looking for any way to save money at the pump. Some may have cut back on driving habits while others might have organized community carpools. Others may have taken to other modes of transportation. For those who have no option but to drive their vehicles, there are ways to reduce fuel consumption without resorting to walking or cycling.


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