Boating couple

East County loves boating. No surprise, considering the area is surrounded by miles of rivers and sloughs making up the Delta. What locals – and visitors – don’t love is a boat breakdown. Here are some tips from local experts on how to handle an incapacitated boat on the water.

“One of the first things we advise is that you throw out an anchor,” said Bethel Harbor Harbormaster Jamie Bolt. “One of the reasons it’s that so, especially if it’s windy, you don’t drift onto the rocks. Then you determine what happened and who you should call.”

Whether the trouble is engine failure or an empty fuel tank, it’s better to be rooted to the spot than drifting around in traffic, endangering your own boat and others, experts said. Once the boat is safely anchored or tied up, tackle the issue of getting the boat back to the marina.


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