Trilogy couple cruises into quarantine

Photo courtesy of Julie Bos

Brentwood Trilogy residents Suzanne and Jerry Bushman take a selfie together from quarantine. They were sent to the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego after their cruise to Ensenada was rerouted to San Francisco due to the coronavirus.

Brentwood Trilogy residents Jerry and Suzanne Bushman’s spirits remained high, even as they shared their story from quarantine at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego this week.

As recent voyagers aboard a Princess Cruises ship rerouted to San Francisco from its original Ensenada destination due to coronavirus (COVID-19), they were among the passengers sent to the Oakland docks and sat aboard the ship as officials decided how best to handle those aboard.

“They wouldn’t let us off the ship,” said Jerry. “There were three agencies — the state, the feds and the CDC — working together. Now, how do you get three agencies like that to agree? They went around and around ... If they had allowed Princess to handle this, instead of taking two or three days to get us off the ship, they would have done it in about two or three hours.”

Pun intended or not, Jerry said that when it came to their care during the ordeal, Princess went overboard.

“We just can’t say enough about Princess,” Jerry said. “They gave us complete credit for the trip — it’s already on my credit card — and our next trip is prepaid, so we got two free trips. We will advertise in any way they ask us to, that’s how good they’ve been to us.”

During that time, the ship’s passengers had their luggage sent to Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, but because they disembarked later than expected and Travis was full, the couple found themselves among those bused to Miramar, and were still without their luggage as of March 15.

“It is very inconvenient, but they’re being as good as they can to us,” said Suzanne of those at the base. “We’re in a motel that belongs to the Marine Corps, where you’d stay to visit your son or daughter in the service.”

The couple expressed a common feeling of being uninformed and noted the staff of about 15 is attempting to care for some 1,000 people who ended up quarantined alongside them.

“That’s what’s happening here: they’re overwhelmed,” Jerry said, adding that they’ve been getting updates from the news rather than any internal source, as the staff members have expressed feeling out of the loop as well. “We haven’t been tested. Nobody’s been tested that I know of. They just don’t have enough tests.”

Those in quarantine must wear masks when walking outside their rooms, and they’re restricted from socializing with one another. But the couple reports the accommodations are good and TV and WiFi are up and running in their room.

“We’re feeling well,” Suzanne said. “And let’s put it this way: it’s another adventure.”

While the Bushman’s were unclear as to the duration of their quarantine, reports this week indicated passengers could expect to remain sequestered for a total of 14 days.

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