Enterprise Financial gets taxes in line

Enterprise Financial President Jehoaddan Wilson, left, consults with a customer on her financial and tax needs. 

Tax season is here, and if you’re not up on the current tax laws it could spell trouble with the IRS. Fortunately, there is Enterprise Financial.

 Specializing in accounting services for individuals and businesses, the staff at Enterprise Financial in Brentwood are not only experts at preparing taxes, but can also help organize your finances, simplify business operations and help save you money. 

“People come in to get their taxes done and learn how to improve their life and their financial well-being,” said Enterprise Financial President Jehoaddan Wilson.

Enterprise Financial’s services include tax preparation, full-charge services for businesses, business start-up services, payroll services for small businesses and financial consultations that can help an individual or business achieve their financial goals. 

Wilson specializes in specific areas including finances, taxes, payroll, business operations, business equity, money management and much more that can help transform a person or business’s financial future.

Wilson’s life experiences are part of what makes her so successful at helping others. Besides having degrees and certificates in business administration, accounting and tax preparation, Wilson has had to rebound from her own financial losses after the housing market collapsed in 2007.

The entrepreneur learned that financial well-being relies on more than how much money a person makes.

“It’s not just what you make, it’s also how you spend your money that can impact your financial health,” said Wilson.  “If you want to build or maintain wealth, you have to understand your financial history.”

According to Wilson, the key to understanding a financial history lies in record keeping. Keeping track of where and when money is spent helps to understand areas of excess, which can be modified, and is essential in tax preparation.

Wilson analyzes her client’s financial history to forecast the outcome of spending habits, get a clear perspective of the big picture of her client’s financial situation and offer strategic advice for her clients to help them improve their financial health.

The outcome is that her clients are not only getting more money back when filing their taxes, but are improving their financial health.

“Enterprise Financial has helped me stabilize my finances enough to actually allow me to buy my own home,” said Brentwood resident Steve Goodrich.  

According to Goodrich, he has been working with Wilson for two years, during which he has learned to be financially stable and successful.

“After she reviews your finances and spending, she sets you up with everything you have to do each month to be financially stable,” said Goodrich.  

Another client, Brentwood resident Joanna Jenkins, has also found financial independence from working with Wilson for the past five years.

“She is so educational and stresses financial literacy,” said Goodrich.  “She went through everything step by step with me, showing me how I could achieve my goals.”

Jenkins purchased her first home in 2013 and will continue to turn to Enterprise Financial for both tax purposes and to ensure that she maintains the wealth she has achieved. 

Enterprise Financial is located at 191 Sand Creek Road, Suite 212. 

For more information or to make an appointment, call 925-240-4381.