Elderly woman driver

We’ve  all seen those hot little sports cars and vintage autos driving around town, but how often is it a woman we see behind the wheel?

What do women splurge on when it comes to a dream car? Is it just men who make those types of purchases?

“Men are usually the ones buying the flashy car, while women seem to be the smart ones – they buy quality cars,” said Tim Biglow, an Allstate Insurance agent. 

This may be the case most of the time, but what about those girls that just want to have fun? Sometimes fun means buying a new car. 

“I just saw in the paper that the new 2015 Ford Mustang is coming out and I thought, since I’m in the market for a new car, I should get something fun,” said Diana Greenway, 63, a retired teacher from Brentwood. “I haven’t had a fun car since my first car when I was a teenager – a 1966 white Mustang.”

Many times, for women who are doing the bulk of the childcare and errand running, the notion of a sports car just doesn’t make sense. But for everything, including fun cars, there is indeed a season. 

“Before (now) it wasn’t practical for me to get a sporty car,” said Greenway. “I was raising a family; driving carpools. I always had a ‘mom’ car, for car seats and strollers. Nowadays, I just drive around with my husband or myself so I just thought why not make it a convertible.”

Nancy Williams, 46, of Brentwood, waited years for her dream car, but for her, it was worth the wait.

“I always knew I would get one – they are just too cute,” she said of her 2012 Mini-Cooper Roadster convertible. “It isn’t an intimidating car, you know? It’s sporty but it handles so easily, I love taking it everywhere. I got a lot of grief from even some family members about getting it. People asked me why I need a car like that. Wouldn’t I rather spend the money on a vacation? But I told them this is my everyday vacation.

“Sometimes I let my husband drive it but he knows it’s my car,” she added.

Then there are the dream cars in need of a little TLC.

“I have one in here right now that’s a local business owner who wants her ’72 Mustang worked on,” said Steve Keefer, of East Bay Muscle Cars in Brentwood. “Mainly women come in for the same reasons men do - to recapture some of their youth.”

“What we try to do is get the car modern with up-to-date equipment, so they drive as newer cars do - more reliably and to today’s standards,” said Keefer. “We get it to handle or stop like a new Mustang.”

So go ahead ladies, get out of your dreams and into that dream car.