Food supplements

From superfoods and supplements to probiotics and gluten-free diets, healthy eating has evolved over the years.

People used to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their meals to maintain a healthy diet. Today, things have changed. From superfoods and supplements to probiotics and gluten-free diets, healthy eating has come a long way from an apple a day to keep the doctor away.

The Heath Hut in downtown Brentwood is a health food store with a modern approach to nutrition. Besides addressing physical health, the Health Hut offers products to improve one’s overall well-being. 

“Modern society has become more stressed and anxious, so these conditions need to be addressed if we are to remain functional and healthy,” said Sandra Hart, Health Hut clerk. “More health research has been done, and our distributors supply us with supplements that can overcome these problems.” 

The local health food store offers a selection of herbal and homeopathic vitamins; mineral supplements; remedies for children and adults; gluten-free foods; local raw bee pollen and honey; probiotics; hemp hearts; Dr. Oz-recommended weight-loss products; high-quality flax seed; essential and carrier oils; and other products that promote good health.

According to Hart, good health starts in your gut and can be improved with probiotics. 

“We are only as healthy as our gut, and we need to feed the good bacteria, so they are not overcome by the bad bacteria,” she said. “This is very important, especially as we age, so our immune system functions properly. In modern society, this is critical to our longevity.” 

Brentwood resident Lisa Richmond uses probiotics to improve her health.

“Probiotics were instrumental in helping me recover from some medical issues I was having, and I continue to take them to stay healthy,” said Richmond. 

Besides probiotics, there is a new superfood hitting the shelves. 

Moringa is an ancient plant rich in nutrients and antioxidants that historically has been used in Asia and Africa for its reputed health benefits, which include reducing inflammation. The Health Hut sells products that contain Moringa, including Bio Nutritional dried organic powder.

“Moringa leaves are a complete source of protein and have many nutritional benefits,” said Hart. “It can be used for an active lifestyle and contributes to overall health.” 

Ayurvedic foods are another popular type of health food. Ayurveda is India’s practice of holistic medicine, which combines certain foods and herbs together to balance a person’s overall health, digestion and immunity. Ayurvedic foods can be used to battle weight loss, sleep disorders, digestion issues, stress, anxiety, depression and other ailments. The Health Hut offers a few Ayurvedic specialty brands, including Organic India and Triphala.

Another health trend that has been around for a few years is drinking vinegar, which is believed to help with detoxifying the body and weight loss.

“Drinking apple cider vinegar with honey is alkalizing and is good in salads with olive oil,” said Hart. 

A few of the Health Hut’s most popular products are local honey and recent CBD (cannabidiol) hemp products. 

“The benefits of honey are that it can be used year-round to prevent pollen allergies,” said Hart. “The hemp oil, salve and muscle gels help many diseases and the pain and inflammation they cause.” 

The Health Hut is located at 161 Chestnut St., in downtown Brentwood. For more information, call 925-634-5361.