Aerofly fitness

East County residents have a new option when it comes to keeping their health and fitness resolutions this year.

Denise McGrew of Aerofly Fitness has brought bungee fit and aerial yoga classes to Brentwood, and locals are flying in her door to try the new workouts.

“I don’t like traditional workouts,” McGrew said of her search to find something new to burn calories and build muscle. “I traveled to several different states to try (the bungee exercises) out. Not once during those classes did I look at the clock.”

McGrew knew she had found the answer to her problem and she wanted to share it with everyone. As her business plan came together, she also decided to add aerial yoga trapezes with handles to her studio. The result has been overwhelming.

“We’ve had such a good response, it’s nuts,” McGew said. “The phone is ringing off the hook, and the classes have been fully booked and waitlisted, because there was a need for this. Everything we do here is low-impact, which I feel is an underserved market. Our yoga trapeze is great for people with chronic back pain.”

Instructor and manager Sheri Hazen specializes in modifications for the aerial yoga classes, enabling those with past injuries to reach new goals in their practice.

“It’s been so fun watching people try the classes out and seeing them learn how much they can do,” Hazen said. “The (yoga trapezes) are an amazing low-impact exercise.”

Diane Tebbets tried an aerial yoga class and said she enjoyed her first experience.

“It was challenging,” Tebbets admitted. “But the instructor was amazing. I have zero flexibility, so Sheri showed me some modifications, so I was able to do some of it . . . and the bungee-robics was great, I had so much fun. I have two left feet and I’m very uncoordinated, so traditional gym classes aren’t good for me, and I usually find working out boring. This was wonderful. I walked out beaming. The modifications make it seem possible for anyone.”

Aerofly Fitness is located at 3901 Walnut Blvd., Suite A-1, in Brentwood. For more information, visit or call 925-306-0597.