I Love Kickboxing

Instructor Ari Kann during a session at I Love Kickboxing in Brentwood. The kickboxing studio teaches the fundamentals of the sport without sparring.

Many New Year’s resolutions involve getting into shape. Kickboxing is one of 2018’s fastest growing fitness trends – a new way to rev up stale workout routines and channel that inner athlete.

I Love Kickboxing in Brentwood is a kickboxing studio that features group classes and a fitness program to help achieve results in a fun environment while shedding pounds and getting a lean and toned physique.

The studio, which opened in September 2017, combines a program that professional kickboxers use to stay fit. Energizing music and passionate instructors provide motivation and a community of friendship and support from other members.

While the classes are predominantly female, more men – about 15 to 20 percent of each class – are starting to try the popular fitness trend.

“Our kickboxing program is unique,” said Matthew Johnson, who owns the studio with his wife Patti. “We blend a combination of intense interval training, kickboxing techniques and workout in an exciting and positive group environment. Our instructors fully engage members during every workout, making it a no-joke incredible workout that fits every woman and man of every age, shape and size. The bonus is that it’s super fun.”

Each group class begins with a warm-up of jogging and drills, which consist of squats, lunges, burpies and other exercises. This is followed with stretches to prevent injuries before the group starts bag work.

“This is where the magic starts,” said Johnson. “We go into bag rounds on heavy bags while instructors teach technique and form, and the group has fun learning roundhouse kicks, upper cuts and other kickboxing moves.”

According to Ari Kann, I Love Kickboxing manager, there are many benefits to bag work.

“This is truly a full-body workout where nothing gets neglected,” said Kann. “The bag rounds combine cardio and weights and the variety in the bag rounds prevents the body from plateauing.”

Hitting the bag is also a form of resistance training. “Having the body learn to absorb the impact of the punches is not only incredible strength training, but it also generates muscle growth, (strengthens) soft tissue and increases bone density,” said Kann.

After bag work, the group works on partner drills to burn more calories and practice the techniques they learned.

The class ends with conditioning and stretching.

“At the end of each class everyone feels a great sense of accomplishment,” said Johnson.

The only thing you won’t find during classes is sparring or combative fighting.

“Members get all of the incredible physical, emotional and psychological benefits of kickboxing without having to fight or get hit in the face,” said Kann.

The results are revolutionary.

According to Johnson, members report burning over 800 calories per each one-hour class. One member even reported burning 1,092 calories in a recent class.

“If you come to class two to three times per week, you will see changes, no doubt about it,” said Kann. “You will have a drop in body fat, increase muscle, get definition and toning and will definitely build endurance.”

Antioch resident Meschelle Cockerham, who has been a member since I Love Kickboxing opened, has experienced results that go beyond the pounds and inches she has lost.

“I do things I never thought I could do,” said Cockerham, who attends classes three days a week. “It’s taken my health journey to a whole new level and has made me feel more confident, energetic and like I can take on anything.”

I Love Kickboxing is located at 5561 Lone Tree Way in Brentwood. For more information, visit www.ilovekickboxing.com or call 925-240-1996.