Balfour Dermatology staff photo

Photo by Tony Kukulich

Keeping your skin radiant and healthy as you age isn’t easy.

Skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, melasma and rosacea can make it even more difficult.

Balfour Dermatology in Brentwood offers a wide variety of cosmetic procedures as well as leading-edge technology and methods for diagnosing and treating numerous skin conditions.

“We offer so many treatments for skin, hair and nails,” said Dr. Robert E. Beer, founder of Balfour Dermatology. “There are very few things, if any, that we can’t treat.”

Beer’s extensive training allows him to master new technologies and offer them to his patients.

Besides completing his dermatology residency at Columbia University in New York City, Beer also completed a laser and skin cancer fellowship, making him a certified specialist in skin cancer and laser treatments.

While training at Columbia, Beer worked with over 70 professors on rotations.

“Not only did I learn the latest prescriptions and how to treat conditions, but I would also ask the older professors about how they treated conditions 30 or 40 years ago, before prescriptions were available,” said Beer. “They shared their insight with me, which has helped me understand the path of physiology. Consequently, we sometimes have people who have been to many other dermatologists, but when they come to our office, we are able to solve the question.”

Beer’s training has also led to Balfour Dermatology excelling in the detection and cure of skin cancer and treating other skin conditions.

Before he ventures into a new treatment, Beer always checks with his colleagues in New York City, who have often been testing the treatment for years.

“It’s very important for us to not just get the latest lasers and treatments but those that are proven to get results,” said Beer.

Balfour Dermatology was one of the first in the state to acquire a new nonsurgical treatment for skin cancers of the face and body.

“It has been very effective, with a 95 percent cure rate, and we like giving our patients options besides surgery,” said Beer.

The professionals also offer a state-of-the-art light treatment for psoriasis, which gives patients alternatives to steroid treatments.

“Success for our patients is a priority,” said Ivy Marvin, treatment coordinator and body contouring specialist at Balfour Dermatology. “Our patient’s success and happiness with their treatment is the most rewarding part of our job.”

Brentwood resident Stacey Mullins has been a patient of Balfour Dermatology for 20 years.

“When I showed up at Dr. Beer’s office 20 years ago for adult-onset acne, Dr. Beer treated it and said let’s move forward and keep your skin young and beautiful forever,” said Mullins. “It’s been 20 years and because I’ve been going to Balfour Dermatology, I love the way my skin looks and feels.”

While Balfour Dermatology has been treating East County residents’ skin for 20 years, the professionals are not done looking to the future and training their staff in leading technologies.

“Artificial Intelligence will certainly impact the way dermatology is delivered, diagnosed and treated in the future and I am excited to discover the differences it will make,” said Beer.

Balfour Dermatology is located at 2221 Balfour Road, Suite A, in Brentwood. For more information, visit or call 925-240-9116.