Dr. Pravin K. Patel

Dr. Pravin K. Patel, above, and his team at Pristine Dental in Oakley, offer state-of-the-art dental care and specialize in same-day dental implants. 

When it comes to extensive dental procedures such as implants, the process typically takes three to six months from consultation to completion. Not having a tooth, or teeth, for such a length of time is not only inconvenient, for many patients it’s a source of stress. 

But at Pristine Dental in Oakley,  state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technology and a skilled team, take the worry, take the stress and anxiety of implants, and they do it in just one day.

“Teeth in a day simplifies what is perceived as a complex procedure,” said Dr. Pravin K. Patel, owner of Pristine Dental. “You can walk out with teeth and can even return home and eat a light dinner the same night.” 

Teeth in a day is made possible by Patel, who has dual training in both prosthodontics and oral surgery, allowing for both phases of the implant to be completed in the office. As a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) – a designation given to very few dentists around the world – Patel not only utilizes his expertise, but combines it with the latest state-of-the-art technologies that not only deliver precision, but are also minimize trauma and facilitate recovery.

Dental implants are a modern day alternative to dentures, partials and plates, with a cosmetic appearance far surpassing traditional options. Here’s how it works: A small hole is drilled into the jawbone and a sturdy post of titanium is placed into the hole, acting as the tooth’s root. A smaller post is then inserted into the implant, which is used to attach the crown. 

While this procedure can be completed in one visit, pre and post consultations are required to ensure the patient is a viable candidate and that the treatment is a success. To be a candidate, the overall dental health of the patient must be reviewed and there must be a viable amount of bone to secure the implant.

For Patel, the opportunity to transform patients’ smiles is a gift and an honor.

“Some people work to get paid, but when your work changes peoples’ lives it changes your life as well,” said Patel. “My goal is to serve and help people. We want to give them something valuable and it is so gratifying when we have patients walk in who are ashamed of their teeth, and walk out feeling proud of their beautiful smile.” 

Patel also uses piezoelectric surgical tools to ensure minimal trauma and promote quick healing with little to no pain. Pristine Dental utilizes computerized dental anesthesia and a laser surgery machine similar to Lasik eye surgery. The laser surgery machine is used for soft tissue implant treatments and delivers the best results with minimal trauma to the tissue.

“Everything we do is to deliver the best dental implant treatments with minimal or no discomfort at an affordable cost,” said Patel. While Pristine Dental specializes in implant dentistry, they also offer general dentistry, including routine check-ups, procedures and Invisalign clear braces.  

Patel feels very connected to Oakley as well as the surrounding community, and shows his gratitude by volunteering his services back to the community. “I love this community and our patients are our family,” he said. Patel is a member of Dentistry From the Heart, an organization in which dentists sign-up to give free dental care for a day to those in need.

Pristine Dental is located at 2170 Main Street, Suite H. For more information visit www.pristinedentalimplants.com, or call 925-679-3333. They can also be reached via e-mail at pristinedentalcare@yahoo.com.