Energy Saving Tips

Photo courtesy of Metro Creative 

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) reminds customers about programs and tips available to help save energy and money.

The back-to-school routine has never looked more different this year with kids staying home on computers and tablets due to distance learning mandates.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) reminds customers about programs and tips available to help save energy and money.

Back-to-School (at Home) Energy Saving Programs and Tools

• Energy Saving Programs: PG&E third-party programs offer a range of services to support energy efficiency needs and help customers save money. Some are offered at no-cost and there are programs available to owners and renters. To learn more, visit

• PG&E’s Marketplace: compare and shop for energy-efficient appliances and electronics to reduce electric costs and find the right model to meet specific household energy needs. To learn more, visit

• Smart thermostat rebates of up to $100 are available for qualifying products when replacing a current thermostat with a smart device. The new device can save up to $390 on cooling and heating costs as well as increase comfort. To learn more, visit

Back-to-School (at Home) Energy Saving Tips

• Plugging electronics into a power strip provides a convenient “turn-on/turn-off” point, so products are only on when in use. Unplug computers, appliances and equipment when not using them.

• Adjust the display on the television. Bright display modes are often unnecessary for homes and use a considerable amount of energy.

• If you turn your ceiling fan on when using the air conditioner, you can raise your thermostat about 4°F to save on cooling costs with no reduction in comfort. Turn off fans and lights when you leave the room. Fans cool you, not the room.

• Minimize the number of times the refrigerator is open and don’t leave the door open for prolonged periods of time. The average refrigerator is opened 33 times a day (and much more if you have teenagers at home).