Heather Taylor, owner of Taylor’d Physical Therapy and Wellness

Heather Taylor, owner of Taylor’d Physical Therapy and Wellness, is a mobile therapist, who comes to her customers on-site. 

When people describe Heather Taylor as a hands-on professional, they mean it literally.

The Brentwood resident is a physical therapist who works one-on-one with individuals and their caregivers to create individualized physical-therapy routines. Her regime helps strengthen clients’ bodies and improve and maintain their health.

Taylor was born in England, but is a California success story. After graduating from high school in Lafayette, she attended two California state universities, graduating in 2002 with a master’s degree in physical therapy from Cal State University, Fresno.

After 12 years as both a home health service provider and a physical therapist, the Brentwood resident founded her own business, Taylor’d Physical Therapy and Wellness, last year.

“I provide wellness services,” said Taylor. “I look at balancing health, spirit and nutrition. I work to help each person back to the level of independence they need and want.”

And she makes house calls. In fact all of Taylor’s sessions are done on-site. 

Liberty High School teacher, Claire Lamb, is one customer who benefited from the personalized, on-site care and guidance of Taylor.

“She came right to my classroom and did an assessment of my plantar faciitis,” said Lamb, who teaches American history and yoga at the school. “She started doing deep massage and encouraged me through the long process of learning the right way to exercise and improve.

“She’s nurturing and thorough and got me on the right track. She’s my little angel.”

Some of her clients consider her not just a physical therapist, but also a miracle worker. Frances Henderson’s 52-year-old son, Elisha, has struggled through five strokes and four amputations, and was paralyzed on one side.

“No case is hopeless with Heather – she’s been a godsend to my son and there’s been a 360-degree change for Elisha,” said Henderson. “He’d almost given up hope that he’d ever improve, but within just a few months of her therapy, he can now sit up by himself for several minutes at a time and hold a cup,” she said.

“Many therapists put limits on my son, but she listened to his goals and set up a plan to help him reach those goals,” she added. “We say the ‘h’ in Heather stands for hope.”

In addition to personalized physical therapy, Taylor provides encouragement to her clients.

“I researched about individual and private therapy, and what I found missing was the house-call aspect of physical therapy,” said Taylor. “I look at the complete picture.”

By establishing her own business, Taylor is able to provide a more customized care program. With each person she treats, Taylor looks for something that’s important to them - a level of mobility or strength, for example.

“By defining that something, they become motivated,” said Taylor. “It may be a particular exercise that I tailor to their individual needs and then they are motivated and keep up their efforts.”

Taylor tries to be the solution for those who need occasional, as well as ongoing, care.

“I set up a plan and monitor a person as needed,” said Taylor.

For more information, visit www.Taylordphysicaltherapyandwellness.com, or call 925-382-2143.