Preparing your car for spring and summer

Photo courtesy Metro Creative

With the arrival of spring, now is a good time to get your vehicle tuned up and ready for the coming months.

Coming out of the winter season, your car may need a little upkeep.

After a long winter of rain, mud and even some snow, it’s a good idea to check in with your ride and make sure all parts are in working order. Start with a good wash to remove built-up dirt and grime, then take a look at some of the more accessible items on your car. Check your oil, replace wiper blades and fluid and look for small scratches and paint flaws that could lead to a rust problem.

A trip to an auto supply store will fill most of these needs, saving money and time spent waiting at an auto repair shop.

But given the current COVID-19 situation, for those who don’t feel comfortable replacing even small car parts, there are plenty of mechanics in East County and most are operating during the shelter-in-place order as they fit the criteria of essential businesses.

Bill Brandt Ford’s Parts and Service center is open and still offers delivery and pickup of your vehicle. Mechanics are taking extra precautions to avoid exposure to the coronavirus, sanitizing cars when they arrive and after they complete work on them.

Borden Junction Garage has been operating out of Byron for 40 years. Owner Julie Dolan suggests drivers make sure their AC is in good working order before the heat waves roll in.

“Have your AC checked to ensure it’s working, check your tire pressure — of course, your coolant — and make sure your thermostat is working properly,” she said. “Also check your belts and hoses. That’s a lot of it right there.”

In Brentwood, Linn Small suggested bringing your car into your favorite mechanic to have them take a look under the hood. He has owned Keep it New Auto Service since 2009 and said he is more than happy to help owners check in on their vehicles.

“Well, first use lots of Lysol and make sure your trunk is completely unfilled of toilet paper,” Small joked. “As far as (your car), check your coolant and tires and general maintenance. We offer a digital inspection that goes through the entire car.”

Bill Brandt Ford is located at 8100 Brentwood Blvd., in Brentwood. For hours and information, call 877-391-2768 or visit

Borden Junction Garage is located at 3000 Taylor Lane, in Byron. For hours and information, call 925-634-5970.

Keep it New Auto Service is located at 550 Harvest Park Drive in Brentwood. For hours and information, call 925-308-9902 or visit