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Hello there !! Welcome to our online shop "The S soaps". Our name comes from the word Silk so it is "The S". We manufacture most of our products with silk and hence the name. The addition of silk to the soaps and other products gives your skin a luxurious feel and keeps your skin silky smooth. 
I (Susaritha) is a mother of 3 girls. With the little girls at home, there were a lot of washing and I did not want their skin to be dry and also I was worried about the same. So I started doing some research and I was really surprised to see the word “handmade soaps”. I never in my whole life knew we can make soaps ourselves.
In 2017, I started making soaps in my kitchen just for our family and I instantly fell in love with soap making. I did some more research and made the soaps using real fruit, vegetable juices, milk and other botanicals. Seriously, handmade soaps are so luxurious and a touch of some real fruit and vegetable were something unique and I really liked making them.

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