Real ID

In order to ensure all California citizens have the opportunity to acquire a Real ID before the Oct, 1 deadline, District 11 Assemblymen Jim Frazier and Vince Fong have formally requested a three-year delay on the measure.

Less than seven months before the deadline, roughly 16 million California residents still need to get in line at their local DMV to acquire this federally compliant identification card.

“Over seven million Californians have a REAL ID and the Department of Motor Vehicles estimates that 16 million Californians will need one by Oct. 1 of this year,” said Assemblymember Frazier. “That means nine million people need to come into a DMV field office between now and October, two million more than in the entire previous two years combined.”

The request is recognized as Assembly Joint Resolution No. 28, formally asking that the implementation of the October deadline be delayed to allow citizens more time to obtain their Real ID.

AJRs express an opinion about an issue pertaining to the federal government and in turn require the approval of both the Assembly and Senate to move forward, but it does not require the signature of the governor to take effect.

Despite efforts to speed up the Real ID process by allowing individuals to upload some of the required documents online, the DMV still enforces the scheduling of appointments three months in advance. Given that the current Real ID deadline is Oct. 1, more than 16 million California citizens are expected to schedule an appointment by July 1.

“The DMV has failed on the implementation of REAL ID,” said Assemblyman Vince Fong. “We have already seen very clearly the many problems plaguing the DMV, which have caused undue frustration to the public visiting the department. In order to prevent bigger customer service issues, we need to give California more time for implementation in order to reduce confusion for Californians and to prevent future travel problems at our airports.”

Every five years, California citizens are informed that they must renew their driver's licenses through mail. In hopes of enlightening those who are not aware of the Real ID requirement, the state will include a notice within each driver’s license notification. Albeit, this will only be implemented if the request for a delay is approved.

The DMV hired more than 760 individuals in the month of February to improve efficiency and minimize wait time at all locations. The average wait time at any DMV in Caifornia for Real IDs specifically is 37 minutes - down from three hours last year. DMV officials suggest that individuals applying for a Real ID arrive prepared for their appointment.

The DMV requires anyone applying for a Real ID to complete the online application prior to visiting a DMV and ensure they have all required documentation with them - an original or certified birth certificate or a valid passport; a Social Security card or document containing a Social Security number; and two items proving California residency, such as a bank statement or utility bill. Anyone whose name has changed needs to show a marriage certificate, adoption papers or name change paperwork as well.

Schedule your Real ID appointment at before July 1, in order to ensure you meet the current deadline.