Brentwood Clock

A clock, similar to the one seen on the far left, will soon be popping up in City Park.

Time is ticking down to the arrival of Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor’s latest City Park addition.

Taylor confirmed this week that he expects his proposed 12-foot-tall, four-sided clock to be up and ticking in January.

“I tried to get it about now,” Taylor said, referring to his mid-December goal. “But with shipping and other adjustments, it will arrive in January, after the holidays.”

The Brentwood City Council unanimously approved the fixture in July, months after Taylor suggested it — noting he’d seen similar structures at prominent parks around the nation and felt it would complement City Park’s resurrected gazebo, also his idea.

The timepiece was projected to cost between $18,000 and $22,000 initially, in addition to an annual $750 charge for maintenance needs, including cleaning, lubricating and mechanical adjustments.

“We’ll have a ceremony, because it’s going to be a little bit of a landmark,” Taylor said.

The council chose many of the feature’s elements, including its 12-foot height, four-sided face, Roman numerals and its location between two light poles near the park’s children’s area, to enhance its visibility.

The height is expected to cut down on possible damage, versus a shorter, 10-foot option, city leaders decided. The four-faced design will enhance its readability from a wider area, and Roman numerals were chosen over Arabic numerals to add visual appeal.

The structure will be tied to existing electricity from the nearby poles. Its power draw won’t affect current park light poles, and will employ LED lighting, making its operating cost no more than that of a standard street light. City crews will complete the installation once it arrives.

Prior to the clock, Taylor inspired the inclusion of a gigantic red chair in City Park in late 2017 and then spearheaded the all-volunteer resurrection of the City Park gazebo that debuted in May this year.

At least two park visitors said they welcome the Taylor-inspired items.

“I think they add character,” said Antioch resident Sara Unpingco.

Brentwood resident Niat Kong expressed similar sentiments: “I think the chair is funny and fun.”

Taylor said he expects a formal ceremony to be held to officially showcase the clock, though a date has not yet been announced.

“I teased someone that I’m going to have a flyover,” Taylor said. “You know why? Time flies.”

To view a complete city staff report on the clock project, see packet page 30 at