New art advisory members named


The City of Brentwood recently named two new members to its five-member art commission, which plays an advisory role to the city council and strives to enrich the cultural landscape of Brentwood.

Frank Littman, painter and president, Art Guild of the Delta

Littman is one of two new faces recently named to the City of Brentwood Arts Commission. He has been part of the Art Guild of the Delta for three years and is currently serving as its president.

“I started in art about 20 years ago,” Littman said. “My mother was an artist, and when she passed away, I inherited her art supplies, so I started painting.”

Littman began taking art classes but didn’t pursue painting seriously until his retirement. He said he is mostly self-taught and usually paints landscapes in acrylics. His art has been displayed at the Delta Gallery of the Arts over the past few years and has met with some commercial success.

“I do it for fun and keep trying to learn new things,” said Littman of his painting. “I have always loved art ... it was just something I wanted to learn more about and try. It’s part talent and part training, and it’s a good way to reduce stress.”

As part of the arts commission, Littman hopes to give back to his community and influence decisions relative to public art. He said he enjoys seeing large murals in other cities and hopes to bring more to large buildings and sound walls in Brentwood.

“I’d like to work with the downtown business community to see how we get some more of that,” Littman said. “I’ve been working with a nonprofit organization called Three Thirty Three Arts, and one of the big things they do is promote murals in communities in the East Bay, so I’d like to see some collaboration with a group like that to get more art on public and private property.”

Gail Jones, photographer and painter

Gail Jones will also be joining Brentwood’s arts commission. A longtime artist, she was an active member of her watercolor club in Sacramento before moving to Brentwood. While watercolors are her preferred medium, she has also worked with acrylic, oil and pastels.

“I took art classes in high school and early in college,” said Jones. “When my daughter graduated from high school, I started taking watercolor classes and photography classes at the local community college where I lived.”

Jones has successfully displayed and sold her watercolors, while earning valuable experience in the business world that she feels will be relevant to her new position.

“People should know that I have a strong background in volunteer organizations — 4-H and the watercolor club in Sacramento — and business,” said Jones. “I’m interested in making sure we make the best choices for the residents in the community, and I want to help our community grow and improve.”

Jones said that as part of the arts commission she is interested in supporting the community and exploring additional avenues beyond 2D and 3D art. She hopes to improve advertising to promote permanent art already on display in the community and spread interest in the arts to a new generation.

The commission, which also features Rosalinda Grejsen, Cindy Lee and Danny Berns, has set a 2021 goal of focusing on cultivating public art projects that foster authentic representation of diversity, social and cultural justice.

Arts Commission meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m. For more information, visit