Brentwood Police Chief, Tom Hansen with protesters

Photo by Tony Kukulich

Protesters marched from Brentwood City Hall to the police department off Brentwood Boulevard Sunday, May 31, as part of a nationwide demonstration following the killing of an unarmed African American man, George Floyd.

Protesters marched from downtown to the police headquarters where Police Chief Tom Hansen joined their protest and spoke to the crowd in Brentwood Calif., Sunday, May 31, 2020. In a largely peaceful protest, they decried the killing of George Floyd by members of the Minneapolis Police Department, and the broader treatment of African Americans by law enforcement. (Tony Kukulich/The Press)

Brentwood Police Chief Tom Hansen speaks to community about the peaceful protest that took place Sunday, May 31, 2020. (Greg Robinson/The Press)

Once the crowd arrived at the station, Brentwood Police Chief joined them to take a knee, which has become a sign of unity against police brutality inflicted upon African Americans in the U.S.