Brentwood Union School District Election 2020

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Thuy DaoJensen

• Length of residence: 5 years

• Occupation: Education professor

• Slogan: None

• Reason for running: “I have the educational expertise to make informed decisions on the BUSD. I have taught diversity and equity classes to new teachers. I was an elementary school teacher. I am a strong advocate for public education and will work to ensure quality educational opportunities are available to all our students.”


Blythe Lind

• Length of residence: 18 years

• Occupation: Educator

• Slogan: None

• Reason for running: “As an involved parent in the district for over 11 years, a former elementary school teacher, and community volunteer, I hope to continue to use my experiences to serve the students, families, and staff of the BUSD. I have a passion for education. I will work hard to ensure that we are providing fair and equitable opportunities for each and every one of the students in our district. I am dedicated, experienced, and motivated.”


Carlos Sanabria

• Length of residence: 53 years

• Occupation: Retired educator

• Slogan: None

• Reason for running: ”I believe that a public education should be provided to ALL of our students, as it was provided to me. I believe that a good public education is the bedrock of a functioning democracy. In the 18 years that I have been serving on this board, all funds have been used responsibly. I am proud of the quality education that we have helped the BUSD teachers provide to all of our children. I will continue to do my best to help navigate the challenges faced by BUSD for Brentwood.”


Stephanie Williams-Rogers

• Length of residence: 4 years

• Occupation: Businesswoman and parent

• Slogan: None

• Reason for running: “I am running for the BUSD to ensure every student receives a quality education and our school district is responsive to the values, beliefs and priorities of our community. I know first-hand that each child approaches learning in their own way. We need leaders who will turn over every stone to find the right solutions for improved student learning and achievement.”