The Brentwood Union School District (BUSD) is gearing up for a return to school as soon as March 29, but that return depends on 50% + 1 of families committed to coming back in a hybrid form.

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021, the Board of Education directed school district staff to plan for a hybrid school opening (part-time at school and part-time at home) if Contra Costa County is in the red tier at the beginning of the fourth quarter (March 29).

Students may also choose to stay in a distance learning model. Citing the significant disruption to teacher and class assignments for all students, the board stated that with 46 instructional days remaining in the year, they would only transition to a hybrid model if a majority (50% + 1) of students committed to come back.

“It is extremely important that we get accurate and timely information back for each of our students,” wrote the BUSD in a letter home to families. “Please note that selecting the hybrid learning model will not entail a full return to school at this time. Social-distancing requirements significantly limit the capacity of each classroom and school site. In addition, regardless of what model you choose, many students will be assigned a new teacher, or in limited circumstances, a new school, depending on how many students choose each model and the health needs of staff.”

Parents are being asked to commit to one of the following options:

● In-Person Hybrid Program: Students would attend school in-person for their primary instruction, completing independent work when they are not in school. Students would be placed in an AM or PM stable group on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. In-person learning time would be 2 to 2.5 hours during these four hybrid days. Please note that this is less direct instructional time with teachers than in Distance Learning. Distance Learning would continue for all students on Wednesdays. Keeping students at their current school will be our highest priority. All students will be required to wear masks at all times absent a medical exemption (which will require an alternative face covering). There will be no recess or playground time and lunch will be served to-go. Transportation will be severely limited and unavailable in most cases due to physical distancing requirements. Strict drop-off and pick up times will be scheduled to ensure safety.

Please see the sample schedules below for details.

● Distance Learning Program: Students would remain in distance learning, continuing to meet with a teacher and classmates online for instruction Monday-Friday. Students will continue to work independently or asynchronously for a portion of their school day. Some students may be in classes with students from other schools. Students would continue to be registered at their current schools.

Important to note:

● You need to complete one survey for each student. You will receive an email for each student that you have enrolled in the Brentwood Union School District.

● Each parent or guardian will receive this email communication. Please confer with one another and decide which parent will complete the survey for each child enrolled within the Brentwood Union School District.

● If you start the survey and need to finish it later, your data will save automatically as long as you open the link again in the same browser.

Survey links were provided in emails received by parents.

Parents must complete this survey by Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021,at 3 p.m. For more information, visit