Several East County school districts released statements today saying that rumors of school violence on Dec. 17 are not credible. 

A reported social media challenge encourages students to call in threats of shootings, bomb threats and general threats of violence against schools on Dec. 17, Oakley police said in a statement.

The Brentwood, Liberty Union and Byron Union school districts were at least three school agencies that released letters addressing the reported threats today, with all districts saying that they have alerted their respective law enforcement agencies and do not believe that the threats are credible. Brentwood and Oakley police confirmed this in separate statements on Thursday afternoon.

The nationwide threats appeared to have originated from the TikTok social media platform, wrote Chris Calabrese, the Brentwood Union School District’s director of student services. Similar threats have also popped up on Facebook and Instagram, Calabrese added.

It appears that the threats began as a way for students to get excused from class before it morphed into something much more disturbing, Calabrese wrote.

Oakley police said the threats appeared to have started in the East Coast and spread to the West Coast.

“Please take this opportunity to talk with your students about the seriousness and resulting consequences of making any kind of threat and the appropriate use of social media,” Calabrese wrote.

Eric Volta, Liberty Union High School District superintendent, said it’s always important to report suspicious activity to the proper authorities.

“It is vital that if any student, parent/guardian, district employee, or community member sees something suspicious, that they report it immediately to a trusted adult at school or contact local law enforcement,” he said.