The Byron Union School District (BUSD) is making strides to build communication, incorporate feedback and improve programs and efficiency as it plans for the future.

District officials met with the parent community this week on Tuesday, Feb. 11, to review the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and receive input on the outlined goals. The LCAP is defined by the state as a school district’s “three-year plan that describes the goals, actions, services and expenditures to support positive student outcomes that address state and local priorities.”

“The activity at the end shows the parents our current goals and how different priorities are embedded into our plan,” said BUSD Superintendent Dr. Reyes Guana.

Four goals identified in the LCAP for BUSD were to provide professional development; to include students in a Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) that supports the academic, physical, behavioral and social and emotional needs of students; to encourage innovation and creative thinking for students by using technology-infused programs; and to offer students a broad course of study, including the next generation of science standards, math, social studies, technology, art, drama, language and physical education, among other subjects.

The LCAP presentation held for parents and teachers will also extend to students in the coming weeks to generate their feedback.

“LCAP meetings will be for students as well – you have to have student voice,” said Guana. “Your staff and teachers are on the front line, but your students are the ones living it, and the services are here for them.”

Breakout groups from the presentation called participants to visit each priority and provide ideas and revisions for each goal.

“It went well,” said BUSD Board Vice President Eva Pahl. “We received a lot of input from the community and directional information that we can use over the next three years. There were several different items to consider, and Dr. Guana is putting the feedback together and creating a preliminary (report).”

To become more efficient and ease staff burden, other recent action of the BUSD was to transition on-site preschools to Aim High beginning April 1. The transition was approved at the district’s board meeting Feb. 6 after recognizing the program was not sustainable as is.

“(Transitioning to Aim High) allows our principals to worry about the academic piece, not who’s paying and who’s not; but it’s not so much about the money for me,” said Guana. “What I told Aim High is one of my goals is how do we discuss the academic continuum — those kiddos are going to be ours, so how are you preparing them academically so that when they do come to us in TK and kinder, they’re prepared. We’ve embedded into our agreement with Aim High that we will be able to discuss what that looks like.”

Guana also noted he hosts monthly Coffee with the Superintendent events in order to foster open communication between the district and community members. The next meeting will take place Feb. 21, from 9 to 10 a.m. in the district board room.

“We just have amazing teachers, amazing staff, the community’s amazing, everyone is very supportive,” said Guana. “We’re doing great things, and as time goes on, it can only get better.”

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