Election 2020

With the General Election right around the corner, candidates in East County have disclosed their campaign contributions.

Those who have raised/spent $2,000 or more were required to file a 460 form. Those who did not raise or spend $2,000 or more and do not have an open committee were required to file the 470 form. Forming a committee is only a requirement for those spending over $2,000.

A 497 form must be submitted within 24 hours of any monetary contribution of $1,000 or more from a single source. The recipient of a nonmonetary contribution of $1,000 has 48 hours to file a 497.


Antioch will replace its entire council, including the mayoral seat, in this election.

Running for mayor are Rakesh Kumar Christian, Gabriel Visaya Makinano, Julio Jesse Mendez, Lamar A. Thorpe and Sean Wright (incumbent).

According to Antioch City Clerk Arne Simonsen, Rakesh Kumar Christian has not submitted forms 410, 470 or 460. Simonsen stated that he received a resident call alleging Christian has raised or spent more than $2,000, which will need to be reported to the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Makinano received $8,639 last period from individuals.

Mendez received $3,732.66 from individuals.

Thorpe received $10,057 from individuals; $500 from Richland Investments LLC.

Wright received $17,000 from individuals, developers and unions, including: DeNova Homes Inc ($1,000), Century Communities Inc. ($2,000), Associated Builders & Contractors NorCal PAC ($1,000), Republic Services ($2,500), O’Hara Properties LLC ($2,500), and Build Jobs PAC ($1,000). His 497 form submitted Sept. 29 shows $2,500 from Guinn Construction, $1,000 from Integrations LLC and another $1,000 from Build Jobs PAC.

Voters will select four councilmembers — one from each district. The running candidates include: Manuel Louis Soliz, Joy Motts and Tamisha Walker for District 1; Tony Tiscareno and Mike Barbanica for District 2; Antwon Webster, Lori Ogorchock, Marie Arce and Nichole Gardner for District 3; and Sandra Gail White, Monica Wilson and Alex John Astorgo for District 4.

Soliz’s 460 form showed $2,609 in total contributions. A 497 form showed $2,500 from Antioch Auto Center, $1,000 from Build Jobs PAC and $2,000 from APOA PAC.

Motts received $5,140 from individuals, $300 from Northern California Carpenters Regional Council Committee and $1,500 from IBEW 302 Community Candidates PAC.

Walker received $6,700 last period (July 1 to Sept. 19) from individuals.

Tiscareno’s 460 form dated July 24 showed $5,200 from Bricklayer, Tilelayers and Allied Craftworkers ($200); International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 302 ($2,500); Sprinkler Fitters and Apprentices Local 483 ($1,500); and Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 159 ($1,000). Another 460 form dated Sept. 22 showed $16,850 total in this calendar year, with contributions from Plumbing Industry Consumer Protection ($1,500); Laborers International ($750); Sprinkler Fitters and Apprentices Local 483 ($3,000); Sheet Metal Workers Local 104 ($1,500); International Union of Elevator Constructors ($250); and Northern California Carpenters Regional Council ($300). His 497 forms showed a contribution from UA Local 342 PAC for $2,500; California Real Estate PAC for $3,000; IUPAT PAC for $1,000; IBEW 302 Community Candidates PAC for $1,000.

Barbanica received this year a total of $25,706 from individuals and $500 from Weston Law PC.

Webster’s 460 form submitted Sept. 24 showed a total for this period of $3,747.41 from individuals.

Ogorchock’s 460 received Sept. 24 showed a calendar year total of $10,900 from individuals along with DeNova Homes Inc. ($2,500); Sierra Pacific Properties Inc. ($5,000); IBEW 302 ($2,000); and Norther California Carpenters Regional ($300). Her 497 form showed $1,500 from Plumbing Industry No. 159, $3,500 from Republic Services.

Arce accepted $650 from individuals.

Gardner received $1,895 from individuals.

Wilson’s 460 form dated Sept. 24 showed a total of $18,845.34 received from individuals and IBEW 302 ($1,500); Reelect Fiona Ma for State Treasurer ($1,000); Northern California Carpenters Regional Council ($300); Republic Services Inc. ($1,000); Operating Engineers Loca ($750); and Republic Services Inc ($1,000).

White received $4,944.43 from individuals. Her 497 form showed contributions from Build Jobs PAC ($1,000), POA Antioch Police Officer Association ($1,500), and DeNova Homes Inc. ($1,000).

Astorga submitted only a 470 form.


Seven candidates are vying for seats on the Oakley City Council. Voters will choose three. According to documents obtained from the city clerk, Claire Alaura (incumbent) and Aaron Meadows are the only candidates who have received campaign funding.

Alaura has received $1,000 from DeNova Homes and an individual contribution of $100. Meadows accepted $5,000 from DeNova Homes, $1,000 from Build Jobs PAC (political action committee), and $5,000 from ASM Investment Properties.

George Fuller’s 460 form shows $13,000 in total contributions — all of which entail a loan.

The remaining candidates — Oleksii Chuiko, Conan Moats, Kevin Romick (incumbent) and Anissa Williams — show only 470 forms filed.