Captain Morgan returning to marina

Photo by Tony Kukulich

Captain Morgan’s Delta Adventures, seen here at the 2019 Opening Day Parade in Discovery Bay, will return to Discovery Bay marina after being evicted last year by the Hofmann Company, former owner of the yacht harbor.

When Captain Morgan’s Delta Adventures pulled anchor from the Discovery Bay Yacht Harbor last November, local businesses and residents alike mourned the loss of the popular Delta cruise company.

But all that is now water under the bridge, thanks to a reinvigorated partnership between Discovery Bay’s new marina owners and the captain of the Rosemarie.

“I’m really excited to be back,” said Rosemarie owner Paul Koenig. “I’ll be moving the boat back on March 1, and I’m excited beyond belief.”

Koenig bought Captain Morgan’s Delta Adventures about a year ago from the original owner Frank Morgan, who had an annual contract with the Hofmann Company, former marina owner. Thinking his relationship with the marina would remain intact, Koenig was stunned when he was served with a three-day eviction notice.

“It came out of the blue,” said Koenig of the eviction. “Every indication I got from them was that I had checked all the boxes and more, and we were looking forward to getting a new agreement in place. Apparently, ownership decided — maybe with input from lawyers — that they didn’t want any commercial operations of any sort going on at the marina, including Captain Morgan’s.”

He eventually took the boat and his business to Tower Park Marina in Lodi, where he was welcomed with open arms. But when Joe and Denise Eldam bought the yacht harbor from the Hofmann Company in December, the new owners vowed to listen to the desires of the community — and the community was asking for the Rosemarie.

“We are really glad that we can bring them back for the community,” said Joe. “Above all else we are doing what the community is asking for, and that is what they wanted. Paul is a good guy, and it will be nice to do business with him.”

Koenig plans to make his official debut at the Discovery Bay Yacht Club’s Opening Day Parade on April 18.

“What (Joe) wants to do will be great for the town and for me and for the community,” said Koenig. “He is all for encouraging water-based businesses … I’m really looking forward to 2020.”

For more information on Captain Morgan’s Delta Adventures, call 925-383-5346, email or visit

Dawnmarie Fehr contributed to this story.