City dedicates street for Scott Lunger

The City of Brentwood has dedicated a street in honor of fallen Hayward police officer, Sgt. Scott Lunger.

Lunger — a 15-year veteran of the Hayward Police Department, killed in the line of duty July 22, 2015 — was a Brentwood resident well loved by those in his community.

“This was an idea that came about in the first few days following the death of Sgt. Lunger,” said Tim Nielsen, the City of Brentwood’s development services manager for community development. “We wanted to do something that would honor Scott’s memory and his public service. He was a Brentwood resident and raised his family here in Brentwood. He was active in our local sports leagues and coached high school softball.”

The street, named Lunger Drive, was officially dedicated by the Brentwood City Council at its meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 8. A replica street sign was presented to the Lunger family.

“Brentwood has the utmost respect for public servants,” said Mayor Bob Taylor. “Even though he wasn’t one of our officers, he did live in our city. We did (the gesture) as a whole community.”

Last year, a portion of State Route 4 between Laurel Road in Oakley and Balfour Road in Brentwood was named Hayward Police Sergeant Scott Lunger Memorial Highway. Assemblymember Jim Frazier, D-Discovery Bay, authored Assembly Concurrent Resolution 49 calling for the dedication, which was approved by both houses of the Legislature.

Lunger Drive has already been constructed and is within the recently built out Lafferty Communities’ Amberfield subdivision on Big Basin Drive. Its GoogleMaps location is shown at

“Although he didn’t work in Brentwood, he loved living here and still has friends and family who live here as well,” said Vice Mayor Joel Bryant. “Many of us who call Brentwood home moved here because it is a family-focused town, and it’s important that we keep it that way. Scott was one of us — an extraordinary person living an ordinary life right here in Brentwood. By naming a street after him, not only do we honor him, but we have a daily reminder every time that we drive down that street, to try to be a better person, care about others on a greater level, just like Scott did. He is one of our hometown heroes, and I consider it a privilege to honor his memory this way.”