Contra Costa County’s Area Agency on Aging (AAA) has announced its 2019 Needs Assessment Survey for those residents 60 years or better.

The survey’s purpose is to gather valuable data on the service needs of older adults and their caregivers residing within the county’s 19 cities. AAA will use the data for the county’s four-year area plan on aging. 

The AAA is encouraging all seniors and caregivers to respond to the survey so the agency can collect ‘good data’ and be able to implement services that the community wants and needs. The Needs Assessment Survey is available online at, as well as in print. Seniors and their caregivers may take the survey from May through September 2019.

The results tabulation will take place during the fall and winter months, and be presented at AAA’s public meeting in March of 2020.

The AAA Needs Assessment Survey is key to the entire planning and service delivery process. It presents who, what and why as questions to help determine which services are to be established. The survey will inform the development and implementation of the Contra Costa Four Area Plan on Aging for delivery of services based on needs the community identifies.  

Two principal outcomes of the needs assessment are, first, the identification of the types and extent of existing and potential needs of older adults within the county, and of the services or resources existing within the county that are available for addressing those needs. The second is an estimation of unmet needs, under-utilized services and barriers that prevent access to available services.

The goal of the area plan is to provide a comprehensive view of how services will address identified local needs and demonstrate integration into the community service network.

The AAA reviews the analysis of all of its surveys with its Advisory Council. The AAA expects that the Contra Costa community’s service needs correspond with how the agency and its Advisory Council allocate Older American’s Act funds, recognizing that the need in the community in all areas often exceeds available services.