Delta Coves, Bethel Island, CA

Photo courtesy of Delta Coves. 

Delta Coves, located on Bethel Island, is set to open this spring, at which time sales for 560 homes will launch.

A new housing development in Bethel Island is ramping up for a grand opening this spring, and officials boast it as a last-of-its-kind Delta-centric development.

Located on Bethel Island, the Delta Coves community will feature 560 waterfront homes – each with its own boat dock – and an Island Camp, a 4,500-square-foot clubhouse with a fitness center, swimming pool and event center. When it comes to homes surrounded by water, East County locals often think of nearby Discovery Bay, but Nick Taratsas, DMB Development executive vice president and Delta Coves general manager, said Delta Coves will have its differences.

“Delta Coves, while it’s not a gated community, is definitely more of a club community,” Taratsas said, noting the club will be highly programmed. “It’s much smaller – only about a quarter of the size (of Discovery Bay) … and it’s a little less residential in its feel. It’s not like a normal neighborhood.” 

Locals have anticipated an opening on this project for several years. Taratsas explained that the area’s history involved a zoning battle about 30 years ago. After the matter of zoning was settled, however, improvements launched in the midst of the Great Recession and things came to a halt. In February 2017, the owners – Dune Real Estate LLC, Colony Capital and SunCal – contracted DMB Development with the task of revisioning and rebranding. Taratsas said that’s when he and his team hit the ground running and tossed around ideas for what the community would look like.

“When we first stepped on the project, there was talk of ‘yacht’ and that kind of blue blazer (society), but it wasn’t authentic to the location,” he said. “This is the Delta. It’s got 100 some odd years of country heritage. The vibe out here will be a Delta laid-back community. It’s a refined club, but it’s cut-offs in a $100,000 wakeboarding boat – a little bit of a dichotomy but very laid back.” 

Taratsas described the homes to have colors and architecture to match the surrounding landscape of the Delta. The houses will range from 1,800 to 4,000 square feet, offering anywhere from three to six bedrooms, with current prices ranging from $700,000 to the $1.1 million mark. The island will also have condos available, each with their own boat dock as well, making the housing total comprised of 494 single family detached homes and 66 condos and cottages. In addition to the homes’ personal docks, a community marina will hold potentially as many as 230 slips for those residents with additional or larger boats. The mouth of the lagoon where the community is situated is about four minutes from fast water, in what Taratsas called the area’s best kept secret he hopes to share with just 560 people.

“The vision of Delta Coves is truly a one-of-a-kind offering in the region,” said Brent Herrington, DMB Development CEO. “It’s a celebration of the laid-back boating lifestyle of the California Delta, featuring an opportunity to purchase a waterfront residence with a private boat dock and access to club-style amenities, all located at the gateway to 1,000-plus miles of waterways.”

In regard to the grand opening slated for spring 2019, Delta Coves will have seven model buildings available for show, at which time, sales will launch. The Island Camp will be about 50 to 75 percent built at that time and ready for use by summer when some of the first homes will reach completion. Taratsas said one of the unique things about this development is that the infrastructure, docks and lots are 100 percent complete and build out will be dependent upon sales, though the team expects to have all 560 homes built within the next four to five years.

“If I can’t get you interested in a home within 20 minutes, then you might as well live in a normal subdivision, because this is the last of its kind,” Taratsas said. “You just can’t get entitlements with your own personal residence in a small pocket like this in a small lagoon. If you have any passion for water, you’re going to have your socks knocked off.”

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