East Contra Costa Fire District Election 2020

Vote for two candidates. For more information, visit www.cocovote.us.


Ben Kellogg

• Length of residence: 3 years

• Occupation: Information technology professional

• Slogan: Steadfast commitment to public safety you can count on

• Reason for running: “We need leaders that are willing to turn over every rock; be a voice for their constituents and ask the hard questions of all stakeholders within East County, while leaving a tax increase as a last resort. I wholeheartedly believe in public service, and I am ready and willing to help. Let’s take this journey together.”


Stephen F. Smith


• Length of residence: 16 years

• Occupation: Retired information technology professional

• Slogan: Finish the job — implement the district strategic plan

• Reason for running: “After seven years of service on the ECCFPD Board of Directors in both appointed and elected positions, I am running for reelection to the board for a full four-year term. My focus is on complete implementation of the district’s 2019-2023 strategic plan, which I helped formulate … Serving on the ECCFPD board is the best way I can contribute.”

Joe Young.tif

Joe Young


• Length of residence: 12 years

• Occupation: Retired civil engineer

• Slogan: Experience – Leadership – Commitment

• Reason for running: “When reelected, I will finish what I have started … We have reduced pension costs, assured development pays for future growth and are well on our way to a new funding stream for three new stations we need now. I will continue to make this my top priority.”