Christina Bell

My husband and I moved to Brentwood eight years ago as a small family, looking for a community to call our own. We bought our first home here, and poured ourselves into community service. When our three children started school, we only considered public school. I believe in the potential and the power of the public school system. Nearly a decade later, all three of our children attend school in the BUSD.

Additionally, as the mother of a special needs child, I also understand the delicate balance that exists between school administrators and parents. This is why I believe another key component to our district's success is to ensure our district works more thoughtfully and cooperatively to include children with special needs and their parents to make them feel like welcome parts of our school families.

I believe one of the keys to making our school district successful for our children is the creation and expansion of extra-curricular activities such as a garden and art programs for all students. I founded a garden at Loma Vista Elementary and am working on a district-wide garden curriculum that can be used in every class.

These are my primary goals as trustee:

•Restore honesty, integrity and enhance transparency throughout the BUSD.

•Promote quality general and special education programs that strengthen and enhance our families.

•Increase the BUSD trustees presence on every campus.

•Enhance enrichment programs such as gardening and art, and strengthen after-school programs for all students.

•Create a system for teachers to share concerns and hindrances in their positions.

•Ensure our district works more intentionally to include children with special needs and their parents.

I can be reached at 925-642-4067, and campaign information can be found at

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