Fuel Saving Tips You Can Use

Vacations can be expensive and travel with an RV is considered as affordable and is becoming more popular. With the increase in fuel costs, the affordability is carefully being removed even more. In order to decrease the expenditure, there are tips you can follow to save on fuel costs.

I want you to enjoy traveling without having to constantly think about how much your fuel spending is.

How to save fuel

You need to make fewer trips

Are you aware that when you drive a car after it has been left there for a couple of hours, the engine has turned cold and it will use more fuel in the 1st 5 miles. On a normal circumstance, you are going to combine all of the errands you have every day into an entire trip. Most of the time, it is not possible if you have to go out during daytime to drop off and gather the family, but avoid going out separately to do other things.

Your mileage should be tracked in real time

You need to become aware of how much you are consuming from every tank, but that is not the only thing you must do. If you know how much mileage you have during real time, having the ability to compare it to what you received the other day, or a few minutes ago is now the modern way of driving.

Do not go over the speed limit

There tends to be a rapid decrease in the mileage of the gas once it reaches 60 mph. To keep a steady speed on the highway, it is recommended that you use cruise control. A passenger car that runs about 28.5 miles for every gallon running at 60 mph could normally acquire 27 mpg at 65 mph, and also 25.5 mpg at 70 mph. Keep in mind that for various speed levels, the shift in fuel economy is going to differ from other models, ages of vehicles, and even the types.

If you it is not necessary, do not drive when it’s rush hour

 There are bad places where you can spend time compared to being stuck in a traffic jam, but this will add to your traveling costs. Each time that you need to stop and start during the traffic, your car has to shift to first gear and a lot of fuel to get moving. Using 2nd gear is a lot better and the best thing to do is to avoid traveling during peak hours. You can also save on the fuel costs is to try to observe the traffic and moving at a steady pace while moving slowly, instead of accelerating and braking. If you have to move during rush hour a lot, buy a hybrid car that uses lesser fuel compared to a normal petrol or diesel vehicle.

Always stay alert

To drive without stepping on the brakes or coast moving forward is being able to stop effectively, and you have to know what goes around you and have the anticipation of how the traffic will be. That suggests you have to focus on the lights while you are commuting and anticipate if they will turn to ‘go’ when you are already there. Always allow several cars ahead of you to see if the brake lights are beginning to arrive to anticipate the coast.  

Make sure your vehicle is clean

The dirt, mud, and all other external elements on your car’s exterior can create a drag that will hurt the MPG of your vehicle when it moves long distance. Your vehicle should be kept washed and waxed because this lessens the aerodynamic drag and improve the fuel economy of your car. You should also put a car cover to if you are going to leave your car outside for quite a while. It is also good for keeping your car from being scratched.


These are the fuel saving tips you can follow to make sure that you are not spending too much on it. You can enjoy traveling without going overboard on your spending. Remember that these tips were written especially for you.


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